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15 ways to seduce her in seconds

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15 ways to seduce her in seconds

“Sex is always about emotions. Good sex is about free emotions; bad sex is about blocked emotions.” – Deepak Chopra

I asked a bunch of women to share what works for them in terms of seduction and I must say ladies are some wickedly creative vixens. Steal these quickie tricks and let them inspire countless new ones. Turning on a woman isn’t exactly moving mountains, but we’re not exactly hardwired to get hot as fast as man, so sometimes it can prove to be a little tricky. But the fact that some women are not so easy to seduce makes it extra fun to tease them to the point of no return. Doing so pays off big for both of you. Planting a sizzling thought or visual in her head will strengthen her desire for you, which leads to most satisfying kind of sex. I suggest you start at the beginning of my dirty, daring list and work your way through.

  1. “I had just bought this new perfume. I have my guy a whiff, and he said he liked it so much he proposed a challenge. He turned around, told me to spritz it in three different parts of my body and said he’ll have no problem finding those exact parts. The seductive bit: once he found them, he was allowed to kiss them for as long as he wanted. You can imagine what followed.” – Theresa
  2. “When I shower, my boyfriend hides all the towels so that he gets to come and bring me one after I finish. He says he loves seeing me naked, dripping and flushed. I always have to shower again.” – Gloria
  3. “You know those treats you used to find at the bottom of a cereal box? One morning, my partner hid the new finger vibrator he’d just gotten for me to discover. It was a late morning for both of us.” – Lisa
  4. “He sent me a naughty, fill-in-the-blanks email: ‘Tonight, I promise to___your___as soon as you walk through the door. Then, I’ll give you a___for___ minutes…’ You see where I’m going with this, right? – Perry
  5. “He woke me up in the morning by blowing softly over my panties, with one hand underneath, caressing my magic button.” – Ava
  6. “One time he reached under the table at dinner and lightly outlined the shape of my underwear, looking me straight in the eye the whole time. It was so hot we had to excuse ourselves from our friends and head home early.” – Patricia
  7. “We were out at this noisy, crowded bar and he motioned me to come close so he can tell me something. Instead, he sent chills down my spine by licking my ear and blowing warm breath on the same spot.” – Alyssa
  8. “Before I came over to see my boyfriend, he had stripped the duvet and fluffy pillows off his bed and had put together a makeshift bed on the floor. When I arrived, he was lying in it, the room almost dark and seductive music playing. It was so romantic.” – Brianna
  9. “One morning, my buy served me breakfast in bed. When it was his turn to eat, he said he’ll only do it off my body.” – Leslie
  10. “He switched out our usual opaque shower curtain for a clear one. He walked in to find me soaping up my boobs. He looked at me intently and hopped right in.” – Andrea
  11. “My boyfriend and I were waiting in this crazy-long line at the supermarket. To kill time, we started playing hangman. The phrase he had in mind was ‘I’m horny’. When I finally figured it out, we got the hell out of there.” – Jenna
  12. “On our way home from visiting his parents, he told me to plug an address into the GPS. I kept asking him where we were going, so finally he told me it was the location of this sexy new hotel that had just opened up. Knowing that he had planned this in advance – and had been sitting at his parents’ house thinking about it for hours – totally turned me on.” – Melanie
  13. “He hid a turned-on vibrator in my lingerie drawer. When I figured out where buzzing was coming from, he told me I got to experience its pleasure power… in front of him.” – Kate
  14. “My boyfriend is really forward when he’s in the mood. He’d just grab my hand and place it between his legs while giving me the look. I love how bold he is.” – Jennifer
  15. “He labeled areas of the house where we have never gotten busy with creative titles like The Doggie-Style Den or The Oral Corner. He then told me the goal of the night is to move from station to station until the whole place is christened.

Have a sexy week,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. Another trick that gets women roaring with excitement: stare longingly at her down there area for a whole minute. She’ll get the point.

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