3 erotic moves that will make her crave you ALL day



3 erotic moves that will make her crave you ALL day

And when I’m talking about erotic moves, I’m certainly not only talking about penetration. I know you’re anxious to get in her pants (or maybe my intense training over the years has taught you a little about how to enjoy a hot prelude just as much as she does), but the erotic teasing à la Mr. Christian Grey (the guy from Fifty Shades of Grey that all ladies fantasise about) will make her wet her panties all day. Brushing her teeth, putting her tight skirt on, listening to her colleague complaining about her boyfriend in the office… she’ll be obsessing over you this whole time.

See, the female brain is very interesting when it comes to erotic pleasure. Of course, everything starts in the brain for you as well, but women are wired to make a lot more of those emotional connections that sometimes make her so… intense. This ability will heighten her imagination and create amazing scenarios that would put to shame any porn video you’ve ever watched. And while she’s thinking about all these hot scenarios that involve you, she often gets even more turned on than when she’s actually having sex — because anticipation is just unbearable. Her heart starts beating faster, she breathes heavily, her cheeks flush and she’s touching her neck without even realizing it. Yeah, she wishes you were inside her right at this moment.

But how can you subtly make a woman craving you all day long — even when she needs to get some serious work done but still can’t help but having wild thoughts about you? Prepare yourself because your sex game is about to get a total makeover. Here are my favourite powerful moves you can make on a woman to make sure you invade her brain pretty much non-stop.

Introduce a new move in bed

A friend of mine, let’s call her Amanda, had a great relationship with her boyfriend, but after only 3 months of passion, she was already starting to say no to sex. “Don’t get me wrong, he was a great lover. But I just got bored”, she told me. I wasn’t surprised, because it’s something all couples go through. They do the same things over and over again, and no matter how great it felt in the beginning, too much of anything can take away the excitement factor.

But this is where Amanda’s story starts to get spicy! “One night, everything changed between us sexually. I was trying to just be present for him, expecting the same scenario, when he surprised me with a totally different approach. First of all, he changed the way he was performing oral by using more lips and less tongue, making firm but gentle moves with his mouth and applying more pressure… slowly, which felt so amazing! It was impossible for me to control my body anymore. But that’s that all. When he finally got inside me, he started to grab my waist and pull me into him, like this strong sexy beast that I didn’t even know anymore. The sex was so great that I fantasized about him non-stop the next day. Not just about the sex itself, but more about his attitude. He already knew my body and what I liked, and he took this information and used it to create even more intensity. Wow, that right there changed our sexual dynamic forever”, Amanda confesses.

I can tell you for sure that there’s no greater way to stimulate imagination than novelty. Start a sexual revolution in your bedroom by introducing new moves when your woman least expects it and watch her body tremble with desire (her mind will, too!).

Talk at a slower pace

The way you talk is actually a key factor when it comes to attraction. Biologically, men are attracted to a higher pitch, while women love a confident lower pitch, which signals an interesting man who knows what he’s doing. Something as simple as lowering your voice while still keeping it strong will turn on the arousal button in her brain and make her think you’re inside her even if your conversation has nothing to do with sex. So an efficient method to obtain this voice effect is simply trying to talk slower than normal.

When you talk slower, every word is articulated properly and your tone becomes deeper and more sensual — at least to a woman’s ear! Actually, go even further and combine this trick with a sensual, “innocent” touch on her thigh while talking about something completely random, like the news you read in the newspaper yesterday morning. If your circumstances don’t allow for sex right now (maybe you’re on your lunch break), just know that she will have her way with you in her head until you meet again.

By the way, if you want to learn much more about how to build excitement with your woman through simple conversational strategies, check out this program created by my friend Jessica Lastimosa — it’s called “Speak to Spark Arousal” and it contains some interesting and original tricks which will help you stimulate her mind the right way. Quick note: This program was NOT created by me.

Play a little game

This gets me every damn time. A little fun game in the bedroom will make you both feel like partners in crime and will just stimulate her mind to let go of inhibitions.

Games make us feel safe and free because they remind us of a time in our lives when we had zero responsibilities. When we were happy and careless. This really helps in the bedroom because it makes her let go and enjoy the fun. So say something like “I’m going to just sit here and do nothing. I’ll just look at you until you tell me what to do.” In other words, offer her total control. Challenge her to think of the most pleasurable moves that she wants you to do on her and to say it out loud so that you can execute accordingly. This will not only make her horny as hell and eager to have you again as soon as possible but will also give you the unique opportunity to learn more about what truly awakens her passion.

Take it to the next level and make this game into a secret ritual: tell her you want to play a different game once a month and let her pick the next one. This will keep her mind busy… sexually.

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

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