The sex she’ll die for



The sex she’ll die for

You have the power to supersize, pleasure-ize, and totally intensify your girl’s orgasm. The secret: six red-hot foreplay strategies that bring on the bliss. When you spend time building her arousal, it increases blood flow to her genitals, triggers more muscular tension, and heightens her nerve sensitivity. The longer and better the buildup, the longer and better the release when she finally orgasms.

To help you give your partner an explosive, unprecedented, unforgettable O, I prepared different foreplay strategies that are straight out of an alpha lover’s secret handbook. And since variety is essential for bed-shaking sex, each has its own unique way of bringing your lady to the brink, so you can try a different one every time. Be prepared though: this is one very racy, risqué batch you have before you. Once you’ve mastered these sex moves, get creative and invent your own based on the crucial concepts.

Strategy 1

Seduce her with a massage

A sensual rubdown is a slow-boil approach to arousal. It will wind her up in a mellow, ready-for-pleasure state. Another reason rubdowns rock her world: Skin is the largest erogenous zone, with about 600,000 receptor cells. Not only does massage send blood coursing into key hot spots, but it also engages the muscles and nerve endings everywhere you touch.

Have her lie facedown and straddle her thighs. Start by deeply massaging her head and neck with your thumbs, forefingers and middle fingers. Then slide down her back, pressing the outside edges of your hands into either side of her spine. When you get to her sacrum – the bony spot where her spine ends – massage it with the heels of your palms for a couple of minutes. There are 16 acupressure points in this area, and stimulating those will moist her up. Then kiss the small of her back as you start kneading her butt, separating her cheeks as you rub. Moving her booty causes blood to rush to her groin, which is ammo for a powerful orgasm.

Strategy 2

Tease her like crazy

The key is to titillate her by offering only hints of what’s to come so that after a while, she’s aching for release. The longer you can draw her out, the more extreme her eventual explosion will be. But look closely for clues she’s about to climax: getting her too amped up will cut the sack session short. Have her sit down with her legs slightly spread, and kneel or sit behind her. Slowly begin rubbing her outer thighs, and then tip into her inner thighs, moving up to her genital area. Graze her labia once, and caress your way back down her inner thighs and out again to her outer thighs. Kiss the base of her neck, then repeat the whole process a few times. This move is a tantalizing twofer: Her inner thighs are packed with nerve endings, making them especially sensitive. Plus, each time you near her vagina, she’ll think you’re about to touch it, building uncontainable cravings.

Strategy 3

Don’t neglect the nipples

Nipples consist of erectile tissue, meaning that they’re full of pleasure receptors and become engorged with blood when stroked or licked. Midhookup, start by rubbing one of her nipples at the same time you’re running your hand up and down her clitoris. Once she’s thrilled by both touches, take one hand off her clitoris, but continue touching one of her nipples. Shift your mouth down, and lick around the outer edge of her nipple in a slow, circular motion. Then lick up the center of her nipple with the flat of your tongue. After you do that three times, bite her nipple very, very lightly for a few seconds before you resume licking. Then go back and repeat your licking and nibbling on her other nipple. The varying sensations on her nipples will send her into erotic overdrive, priming her for a mind-blowing release.

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

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