“Do this and you’re guaranteed to make me wet”



“Do this and you’re guaranteed to make me wet”

If the option of mediocre sex is on the table and the only other choice is a fairly decent cup of chocolate caramel ice cream, it’s quite possible sex will lose in a spectacular fashion. Yes, it’s true: Women, unlike men, who would even have bad sex than no sex at all, do have preferences when it comes to how things go down between the sheets.  Now, if all of this makes you feel a bit nervous and you’re finding yourself wondering what parlor tricks you’ll have to pull off to keep your sex life fresh and creative, rest assured most women aren’t looking for the impossible. But what are they looking for more exactly? These patients of mine came forward to reveal their favorite sex moves — and most are taken from my programs. Well, they did learn from the best, what did you expect?

1. Take It Slow

“I like to take it slow, with a lot of oral from both sides. Heavy amounts of kissing, heavy petting. Both excessively sucking on random parts of the body, slow tongue movements across random body parts, etc. Generally, the licking progresses into sucking, but a few early sucks never hurt anyone.” — Mindy

2. Laying On Your Sides

“I really like it when we’re on our sides, facing each other, because it’s intimate but we can also be aggressive. We can look at each other while we’re fucking, but this position also lets us both have control over the speed and intensity and his thrusting. There’s something about sideways sex that targets my clitoris in the right way — it doesn’t hurt that I come a lot quicker this way.” — Jenna 

3. Ankles Over Shoulders

“My boyfriend doesn’t have the biggest penis in the world, but the position that makes me feel like he’s breaking me (in a good way) is when I’m on my back and he throws my ankles over his shoulder and penetrate me. It makes penetration feel deeper for us both, especially if my butt is hanging a little bit off the bed.” —Jessica

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4. Sex On the Couch

“I like it when I straddle his penis as he’s sitting in a chair or on the couch. He can see and touch everything, including my breasts and clitoris. I know a lot of guys like reverse cowgirl and it’s hot to see a girl’s ass and everything, but I always feel like it bends his penis to the point where it might break.” — Paula

5. Sex In Front of a Mirror

“Anything in front of a mirror — literally — anything in front of a mirror is 100,000 times better than without a mirror. Watching my boyfriend give me oral sex on his knees in front of a mirror is the hottest thing I’ve ever seen, but so is looking over and watching him ride me. Mirrors give us a chance to go where our eyes can’t and it’s the closest analog to both acting in and watching a dirty movie.” — Andrea You can find this hot trick, and many more that aim to increase arousal tenfold or more, in my newest program, Naked U Season 3. Check it out by clicking this link.

6. Sex From Behind, Laying Down

“My boyfriend and I like it when I’m submissive so the move that always gets me is when I’m laying flat on my belly and he’s on top of me from behind. It feels more intimate than doggy because he can wrap his hands around my breasts or rub my clitoris at the same time. I also like it when he covers my body with his and holds my hands down. It always feels like his penis is as deep inside of me as possible in this position.” — Stef

7. Good Ol’ Missionary

“This is going to make me sound lame, but sometimes there’s nothing better than good, old-fashioned missionary sex. I get to be in his complete control over the tempo and rhythm, he can slide his hands under my ass and it feels like he haa my entire body in his hands. I think a lot of women underestimate how much some guys like to kiss them and rub up against their breasts and bodies when we’re having sex — and missionary is intimate enough to allow that.” —Tanya

8. When I Sit On His Face

“I’m uninhibited in the bedroom and one of the things that makes me crazy is, instead of asking for oral sex or dropping hints, I’ll just go up to him when he’s sitting on the couch, lift up my nightgown, and sit on his face and force him to start licking me. I mean, I’m not really ‘forcing’ him because he loves it, but you get the point.” — Jemima

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. Sex doesn’t have to look like the plot of a pornographic movie to feel just as good. You just have to make sure you don’t fall prey to the nastiest enemy of a sizzling hot sex life: routine. P.S. To learn more advanced tips and techniques on how to make her orgasm, I recommend you check out my program – Her Secret Hot Spots.

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