Your Guide to How She Works



Your Guide to How She Works

There is something very basic to know about women that can help you immensely when it comes to giving her pleasure. Even though this information is basic, somehow it still isn’t common knowledge. I’m talking about the ins and outs of female anatomy. For many men the female genitalia is confusing and even intimidating! But as with all things, the more you know and understand, the more confident and better you will be at pleasing her. Here is my guide for you to study up and be an expert on her body:

Vulva – The vulva is often incorrectly referred to as the vagina, but they are actually two different things. The vulva is all of the outer genitalia that a woman has including the clitoris, the mons pubis, the vaginal opening, and the labia majora and minora. The vulva is rich in nerve endings and is where women receive a great deal of their sexual pleasure. The vagina, on the other hand, is the orifice where the penis enters during sex.

Mons Pubis – The Mons Pubis is the fleshy, triangular mass of tissue located just above the clitoris and labia. It’s made of fatty tissue and covers the pubic bone. It’s the area that is covered in pubic hair from the time of puberty, but some women choose to remove their hair.

Labia Majora – The mons pubis leads down the genitalia and divides into the labia majora, which means larger lips. The labia majora starts at the mons pubis and ends at the perineum. From woman to woman it varies quite a bit in color, size, shape, and overall look. The outer surface is covered in coarse hair (if the woman hasn’t chosen to remove this hair), and the inner surface is smoother, hairless, and might be different in color as well.

Labia Minora – The labia minora, or smaller lips, refers to the inner lips of the vulva. They are situated within the labia majora. They’re hairless and extend down from the clitoris on either side of the vaginal opening. It also varies quite a bit when it comes to size, shape and color depending on the woman.

Clitoris – This is a big one, guys. Pay close attention. Every guy needs be familiar with this important part of the female body. It is the only part of the body (both male and female) that’s function is just pleasure. It’s the most sensitive part of the female genitalia. Many women only orgasm from clitoral stimulation, so you are probably already very familiar with this little body part. The clitoral head is found where the labia minora meet and is covered by a fold of skin called the clitoral hood. Many people don’t realize that the clitoris is similar to the male penis in many ways and the clitoral hood would be the equivalent of the male foreskin. When a woman is aroused the clit swells with blood and becomes erect and the clitoral hood pulls back just like the male foreskin. The clitoral head is extremely sensitive to stimulation, especially when a woman is just beginning to become sexually excited. The whole clitoral area is estimated to have over 8,000 different nerve endings. The clitoris is not just the part that you can see from the outside of the female body, it actually extends well into the inside the female body as well. One part of it is thought to be the G spot, which can be accessed from within the vagina.

Urethra – The urethra is one of the three holes in the female genitalia (urethra, vaginal opening, and the anus). It’s the tube from which urine leaves the body in both men and women. In women its opening is located between the clitoral head and the vaginal opening and the tube extends into the body traveling up to the bladder. It’s also believed that the G spot is located right next to the urethra, which explains why women feel like they need to pee when their G spot is stimulated and pressed.

Perineum –  The perineum is the little space of skin between the vaginal opening and the anus. There are a lot of slang terms for this area, such as taint and grundle. It can feel good to have this area stimulated for both men and women.

Vagina – The vagina is the tubular inner orifice that starts at the vulva and extends to the cervix (inside the female body). This is part where the penis enters during heterosexual sex and where a baby exits during childbirth. The word vagina is often used to describe the vulva, but that’s incorrect. During arousal, the vagina released lubrication that helps to facilitate sex. The size and length of the vagina varies from woman to woman, but is flexible and can stretch to accommodate a penis or other objects and then return to its original state without problems.

G Spot – The G spot is found on the front vaginal wall, meaning the wall of the vagina that is closest to the woman’s belly. It is a small, spongy, oval shaped area of erectile tissue that is between the size of a dime and a quarter. It is more easily found when a woman is aroused. Some women report that they have powerful orgasms when the G spot is stimulated in the right way.

Now you know the ropes, guys! You might even know more about the female body than your female partner! I hope you found it helpful.

Gabrielle Moore

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