Yes, you can get her off without touching her

Yes, you can get her off without touching her

The first time I had a touch-less orgasm I was watching a hypnosis video made to making me come. I was reluctant at first, as you can imagine, but it wasn’t long before I started twitching and breathing harder. Before I knew it, I was erupting into the most beautiful full-body orgasm I had ever experienced. It might sound impossible or too out there, but I’m not the only woman who can orgasm without touch. Many other women have achieved touch-free orgasms through a surprising number of methods.

And it’s not even the only way that I’ve used to achieve an orgasm without being touched. I can also climax through dirty talk. It’s something about words, tone of voice and the naughty energy exchange that induces immense pleasure. When my partner looks me in the eye and tells me, in slow, measured sentences, with well-timed silences to allow my body to experience his words, exactly what he plans to do with me next, my body goes into an energetic orgasm unlike any other. I start shivering and the orgasm is so strong that I sometimes also squirt.

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But let’s get back to touch-free orgasms, shall we?

Because the naughty fun doesn’t stop here. You can also get your partner turned on to the point of climax by making her anticipate your touch. This technique is called extended orgasm and it feels like a lot of pleasure, contractions and fluttering in your woman’s vagina, and also like electricity flowing through her whole body. Some women say it feels more subtle than a regular orgasm, while others swear it’s just as intense and sensational, if not more.

On the other hand, some touch-free orgasms do involve physical pressure, but it comes from the inside. I, for example, have learned to achieve them by repetitively squeezing my PC muscles. The moments leading up to it feel almost impossibly intense and unbearable, and obviously, all along the way, I end up wanting to touch myself and help myself over the finish line. But I don’t let myself do that, and so that feeling just keeps building… and then eventually, if I concentrate on it enough and keep squeezing, squeezing, squeezing, then the orgasm will eventually come (no pun intended). So all in all, if you have the patience to see it all the way through to the end, then it can be a pretty intense, rewarding, and trippy experience.

I know what you’re thinking right now.

Stories like these may sound made up to the majority of people, especially to the men and women who have only experienced orgasm through direct stimulation of the genitals. But sex experts say they are totally possible. And from my own experience and that of my patients, I can confirm that there are women who can indeed orgasm without touch, just by being talked to, by thinking about sex, etc. It makes sense that this is something that only happens to women, since very much of a woman’s orgasm experience is mental. I’m yet to know of men who can orgasm without touch – I believe this is less common in general, if not downright impossible.

All in all, touch-free orgasms show how deeply you can connect with your partner or maybe, more accurately, how deeply you can make a woman surrender to your words and get lost in pleasure without putting a finger on her. If your connection is strong enough, you can give your woman as many touchless orgasms as your heart desires. It’s an amazing and intimate experience and I strongly advise you to give it a go.

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

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