Top Female Fantasies Revealed



Top Female Fantasies Revealed

“In my sex fantasy, nobody ever loves me for my mind.” –Nora Ephron

Is there anything sexier than knowing the dirty sex fantasies of the woman you desire? Sure, men think about sex all the time, but it’s assumed that women rarely think about it. Is that true? Absolutely not! Women, just like men have ongoing fantasies that think about often. So, I bet you what to know what really gets your lady hot and bothered. Well, while I can’t tell you exactly what she secretly wants, I can share with you the top ten female fantasies. Chances are, her fantasy is on the list.

1. Her Dominating You – Many women fantasize about being the boss in the bedroom. She might want you to be strong and decisive outside those four walls, but inside she’s going to call all the shots and you’re going to be begging her for more, more, MORE!

2. You Dominating Her – Or she might be interested in just the opposite. Remember these fantasies have nothing to do with what kind of woman she is outside the bedroom. She could be the strongest, most badass woman you know, but her fantasy still could be you dominating and controlling her in the bedroom.

3. Hot For Teacher – Many men have fantasized about their teachers in sexual situations before. Women have done it too. Many women get hot just thinking about dressing up like a schoolgirl and playing your naughty student.

4. Stranger Danger – Sure, even women have thought about getting it on with a complete stranger. Even if she wouldn’t actually do it in real life doesn’t mean the idea of it doesn’t get her extremely hot. How does this help you? You could role play “strangers,” even going to “meet” for the first time at a bar.

5. Three’s Company Too – Even a perfectly straight woman might fantasize about getting it on with her man and other woman. But it might not necessarily mean that she wants you to join in on the fun. Her fantasy might just involve her with another woman while you watch. It’s important to remember that sometimes a fantasy is just a fantasy. It doesn’t always mean that she wants to act it out in real life or that it’s even a good idea.

6. Three’s Company Too (Part 2) – On the other side of threesome coin there are women out there who fantasize about being with 2 men. This fantasy usually involves 2 straight men who are interested in showering all their attention on her. She might fantasize about being penetrated by one while going down on another, double penetration, or a variety of other situations. The especially taboo nature of this fantasy makes it all the sexier to think about.

7. She likes to watch… – Men usually have the reputation for being voyeurs, but this is actually a very common female fantasy as well. It’s so wrong and taboo to watch someone while they’re doing something sexy. Her fantasy might be watching you touch yourself, or even spying on another couple while they get down and dirty.

8. She likes to be watched – Women also often fantasize about being watched. Her fantasy could involve you watch her while she touches herself or does other things. It could involve making home porn movies or having sex in a place where you could be watched by someone else.

9. Dancing Queen – She wants to strip for you. Stripping can make a woman feel powerful and she will be able to see and feel how much she’s turning you on with her body. What could be sexier?

Fantasies can be so much fun. It’s exciting to know that your partner thinks about sex just like you do. But there is one really important thing to remember when it comes to fantasies. Many times a person might fantasize about something a lot, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they want to try it out in real life. Sometimes acting on a fantasy can be a huge disappointment and other times it could be even better than one imagined. But if it’s a disappointment you’ve lost the fantasy forever. There are fun and safe ways to recreate fantasies through role playing. If your partner confesses her secret fantasy to you and wants to enact it, try doing it through role playing. It can be really sexy and fun!

Gabrielle Moore

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