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Step Up Your Game: Erogenous Zones Part 1

Female Orgasm

Step Up Your Game: Erogenous Zones Part 1

Every guy knows of at least 2 (+) erogenous zones, the genitals and the breasts, but if those are the only erogenous zones you’re paying attention to, you AND your partner are missing out on a whole lot of fun. The erogenous zones can make your partner light up like a Christmas tree, turning her on all over her body, but many of them are often overlooked because other parts might get faster results. Today we’re going to get into each and every erogenous zone and how you can use it to make your partner feel amazing.


  • The Brain – I bet you didn’t think this body part would end up on the list! But think about it, if you’re not in the right headspace sex isn’t as enjoyable and for some women, what’s going on in their head can be a major roadblock to enjoying sex and reaching orgasm. Therefore, on the other hand, what’s going on in her head can be a major plus if you help to stimulate her brain in the right way. Different kinds of things turn on different women, so you have to get to know your partner well to know what will do the trick for her. Some might like to be lavished in compliments about how gorgeous she is and how much she turns you on (try this one first!). Others might like more risque commentary and others still might want straight up dirty talk. Make sure you know what your partner likes because really dirty talk might have the opposite reaction if she’s not into it. And don’t assume anything, ASK her! She might have a naughty girl side that she has been too shy to mention to you.


  • The Scalp – Think about it. What is your favorite part of getting your haircut? It’s probably not the stylish new look you leave with, but the amazing feeling of having your hair washed and your scalp massaged (that’s assuming you go to a place that does that of course). That’s because the scalp is covered in sensitive nerve endings that feel amazing when given a great massage. A head massage also helps release the hormone oxytocin, which is the same hormone release when you have an orgasm. Use your fingertips to firmly rub into her scalp, using long, slow strokes. Start at the nape of her neck, press and move your thumbs firmly upward. Explore her whole scalp with your hands. Another great tip is to remember how sensitive this area is when you’re kissing her. Many women love to have a man run his hands through their hair while kissing them passionately.


  • The Neck – The neck is an extremely sensitive area that almost everyone loves to have kissed, licked, and nibbled. Pretty much any part of the neck is a homerun. Lift up her hair and kiss her on the nape of the neck when your behind her (then you can also explore into other erogenous zones that we’ll get into later on on her back and shoulders!). When you’re kissing her on the mouth make your way down her neck, licking and sucking and maybe even doing some very light biting or nibbling if she likes that. Be careful not to apply too much pressure if you’re kissing her the front of her throat. You don’t want her to feel like you’re putting pressure on her windpipe!


  • The Ears – There are tons of sensitive little nerve endings in the ears as well. Sometimes just whispering into them or breathing heavily can be enough to drive someone wild. Also try nibbling lightly on her earlobes or sucking on them. Some women also like to have your tongue lightly trail along the inside of her ear and even penetrate it a little. Just a little warning, some women are extremely ticklish on their ears, so make sure this is something she enjoys before adding it to your sexual repertoire.


Guys, we have only just begun with the erogenous zones and we haven’t even finished with the head yet. Imagine the possibilities that are coming your way in the following posts. Master these and she will be like putty in your hands.


Big kisses!

Gabrielle Moore

PS. Stay tuned for the next parts of the erogenous zones where I’m going to share will you how to stimulate parts of her body you never even dreamed of.

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