Own her orgasm



Own her orgasm

“Women want to be with men that make them laugh, holds their hands and considers it their job to give them orgasms.”

Just like yours, women’s finales can vary from a fleeting thrill to a body rocking explosion. I got women to pinpoint the little moves that trigger the big one.

“I dated a guy who sensed when I was about to come and would slide a hand over to my clitoris and caress it painfully slowly. It was the best way to finish.” – Becca

“It’s always hot to be told how good he feels inside me, but hearing these words as I’m hitting my peak makes me explode.” – Michaela

“During an oral session, I go crazy when he’s not afraid to play with my anus as I’m going off. Swirling his tongue around and sliding a finger inside it make the sensations even more powerful.” – Jane

“Don’t stop moving even though I probably have. Feeling you buck your hips against me as I climax creates extra waves of pleasure along the vaginal canal.” – Joelle

“Maintain eye contact with me. That kind of confidence is irresistible and allows us to acknowledge the intensity of the moment without words.” – Karen

“When I orgasm, I can’t get enough of him digging his hands into my breasts and moaning. It’s like he’s so into me, he can’t hold himself back.” – Paula

“Passionately kiss me as I climax. It makes me feel so close to you even though we’re already, uh, connected right then.” – Rhonda

“I had an ex who would suck and nibble on my earlobe as I came. Those dual sensations… damn.” – Gina

“I like when my buttocks are shown a little love as I climax. Massage them firmly with your palms and thumbs. It takes the experience to another level.” – Karla

“I love it when he looks me in the eyes and tells me where he will come on my body. It shows me he’s down for anything, and it’s thrilling to let him take control like that.” – Rachel

“Let me tug your hair or pin your hands above your head in the moment. It unleashes this primal side of me that makes my climax crazy good.” – Marcia

“Let me wrap my legs around the small of your back to pull you into me. That angle helps me get the deepest penetration possible.” – Angie

“If I’m on top, I like to arch my back, whip my hair and run my fingers through it. All my partner go nuts when I do this and their lusty looks increase my arousal. Seeming me enjoy myself makes them feel like men, which turns me on as well and I come so much harder.” – Diana

“Lightly tap up and down my down there area, over my panties, like you’re playing the piano with one hand. This helps me get and stay wet by keeping blood flowing into the spongy tissue of my vagina.” – Christine

“Press your penis against surprising parts of my body. Ideas: hold it against my inner thigh to tease me (and yourself!) like crazy; touch the tip of your penis against my breast, and rub your frenulum against my nipple; or bring the side of your shaft against the outside of one of my cheeks, then put it to my lips so that I can cover it with wet kisses. This playing primes for a powerful climax.” – Virginia

“Try licking me and then blowing on the area. This will cause moisture to evaporate and give me chills. Or breathe on it with your mouth wide open, like you would blow on your hands to warm them on a cold day. The sexy heat will be intense.” – Donna

“Give me oral while I’m on all fours. It’s a totally new sensation from when I’m lying down on the bed. I love the animalistic feel to it.” – Tania

“My guy put one of those little chairs in the shower and invited me to join him. He washed me really well, and then invited me to bend over and lean on the back of the chair for some hot doggie style sex. Talk about steamy.” – Trish

“Slather your penis with oil and put it between my breasts. Then rub me until I beg for all of you.” – Jessica

“During doggie-style, I told my guy to stay still because I wanted to do the thrusting. I rocked back and forth, and it drove him crazy – he wanted to take over so badly. I loved it!” – Eliza

Hot embraces,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. To reach supreme-lover status in her eyes, all you need is a little creativity. Thanks to these women who agreed to talk to me, now you know what exactly you should be doing to make your partner come. Click this link for more crazy hot ideas like these ones.

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