Orgasmic secrets: how to give her a prolonged orgasm



Orgasmic secrets: how to give her a prolonged orgasm

I’m sure you’re already familiar with the elusive aspect of female orgasm. Women aren’t built for fast orgasming, simply because our ancestor’s job was to procreate, not to enjoy the intense pleasure of sex.

But things are different now. Women want to experience orgasm just as often as their partners, and men themselves want to be able to give their woman unforgettable moments of pleasure — phew, that’s a good news! However, it’s a tricky business to make her orgasm every time you have sex, and my proposal is already 10 times harder: I want you to be able to give her not only an intense orgasm but a prolonged, long lasting, unforgettable, life-changing orgasm. And the reason I want you to be able to give this to her is that when I’ve experienced it, my erotic life changed so drastically that I realized it was only then that I started to discover my true sexual potential.

I have to warn you, though: don’t put pressure on yourself to make your woman orgasm like this every time you have sex. This type of orgasm is so strong that her body needs time to regain energy before being able to reach it again. Of course, she will be desperate to experience again the out-of-this-world sensation she just tasted, but sometimes the best things do come to those who wait.

Speaking of patience, the one ability you need in order to start giving her long-lasting, addictive orgasms is an equally long-lasting erection, as this is not a 3-minute job.

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Now that you’ve got this covered, here’s how to build an orgasm so strong that she will never have to think of any other man sexually.

Start with subtle sexual hints

The idea here is that you need to be able to slowly build so much sexual tension that the release process lasts much longer than usual… giving her the mother of all orgasms.

Remember that all starts in the brain — the organ which sends signals to all of those erogenous zones that work together to build an unforgettable orgasm. So “plant” some sexual hints into her brain, by looking at her in a different way when she puts her skirt on before leaving for work. Give her a sexy compliment, but don’t initiate sex just yet. Say something like, “Your legs are killing me right now…”. Then continue the verbal teasing throughout the day by sending her an erotic message related to that morning compliment you gave her. Make her want to masturbate at the office.

Tease her during foreplay

Scientists at the Kinsey Institute found that the average woman can orgasm after 10-15 minutes of sex — which means that the process will take a while if you include foreplay. And you must, especially if you want to give her a long lasting orgasm.

Kissing is highly underestimated, especially in long-term relationships. But couples should never forget that this is the most intimate way of building an emotional and sexual connection. Studies have also found that kissing reduces levels of stress hormone cortisol, which speeds up the arousal process for her. I recommend you invest 3 minutes in kissing with your clothes on. Tease her by licking her upper lip, sucking her lips… and finally playing with her tongue. Her neck is also a sensitive area, so caress it gently.

As things move forward to the sweet spot, don’t take off her panties just yet. Feel her clitoris through the fabric, massage it using circular motions, press your lips against it. When she starts asking for more, go back to her lips and kiss her passionately.

Give her some oral action

A lot of women complain that men don’t perform enough oral on them. Maybe you should give her more in that department. If we’re talking about a huge, long lasting orgasm, oral action is a must — but whatever you do, don’t let her finish. The time has not come yet.

Use this technique to make cunnilingus more pleasurable for her: using one hand

pull up her clitoral hood, then lick from side to side across its base, just above her clitoris. Place one finger of the other hand on her perineum (the area directly below the opening of her vagina). You will soon start to feel her pre-orgasmic contractions — that’s when you’ll know you’re in the right place. But no matter how much she wants you to continue, stop right there.

Use this “double-agent” position to give her the absolute orgasm

The best sex position for this attempt is one that gives you the opportunity to stimulate both her clitoris and her vagina, and I recommend you to try this one: ask her to sit on her belly while you penetrate her from behind (sit on your knees for a better angle), then use your right hand to massage her clitoris later on, as she approaches the orgasm. Stop for five seconds before she orgasms, then start thrusting again and stimulating her clit. This time, when she does reach the orgasm, it will be explosive!

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S.: Darling, your woman will become addicted to your skills if you manage to pull off the prolonged orgasm technique. Just remember that you absolutely need to master your erection in order to be able to perform this, so check out this video to learn new and natural ways to last longer in bed. Quick note: This program was NOT developed by me. For more information about the female orgasm, check out my program Her Secret Hot Spots.

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