Compliments she’ll love



Compliments she’ll love

“You have to accept the fact that part of the sizzle of sex comes from the danger of sex. You can be overpowered.” – Camille Paglia

You may think “You look nice” is a perfectly sweet compliment to pay your girlfriend. And it is. But it can come across as a trite line rather than something tailored to her, especially when it comes to the sensitive domain of complimenting her in the bedroom. See, the more specific you get when you praise a woman, the more she’ll eat it up. To better understand what kind of words will make her day, or night, read on.

“You look so amazing in that underwear.”

You know the tortuously long hour she spends getting ready for some big event? The same goes for the preparation for a big night with just the two of you as guests. She does it for you, dum-dum! That’s why you have to acknowledge that she looks even more radiant than the usual. Reassure her that you noticed the effort and appreciate it by singling out something specific. You can borrow this line: “Your eyes look so awesome when you wear that color.”

“I’m impressed with…”

Your partner wants to know she stands apart from the masses, especially when it comes to her bedroom capabilities. One way to convey that is by drawing attention to her unique talents. If she is creative or imaginative between the sheets, speaks a few languages fluently and isn’t afraid to use this talents paired with some intense moaning, or has a great way of going down on you, highlight what makes her different. Not only does it make her feel special, but it also shows just how well you know her, which is flattering in itself.

“That felt incredible.”

The better a woman thinks she is in bed, the more she’ll want to be into the horizontal game play. This is fact. So boost her sexual self-confidence by praising her erotic skills. Women often worry about whether they are pleasing their partners. During sex or afterward in bed, let her know how good it felt by pointing out how crazy you are about one of her moves.

“You always know…”

When you come home from a gnarly day of work to find the game’s on and she’s whipped up a pizza, tell her, “You always know how to cheer me up.” A comment like that goes much further than, “Hey, thanks.” She likes to hear that she’s uniquely adept at making you feel better, either in bed or outside of it. It reinforces what a nurturing girlfriend she is and how lucky you feel to have her.

Have a hot week,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. Also, communicating with her your needs and pleasure is also received as a compliment. By it, she sees that you have that much confidence in her and are sure she will receive well whatever you have to say. So go ahead, be open. You won’t even have to say “You’re beautiful”. Check out my latest program, Vagina Masterclass, where you will discover the perfect tools for liberating the female orgasm.

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