5 Pathways to Complete Ecstasy

5 Pathways to Complete Ecstasy

Hey sexy!

I’m always looking for new and interesting ways that men and women can make each other moan in the bedroom. One of the exciting ways you can get her wanting you even more and add something new to your sexual routine is by stimulating her unknown erogenous zones. Most women don’t even know that having these parts of their bodies stimulated will get them turned on, so they might be just as surprised as you are… but believe me, they won’t be complaining once they feel how good it feels to be touched there. Here are the 5 areas you should be focusing on:

1. Give her a scalp massage – If you have ever had one of these when you got a haircut in a fancy salon, you know that having your scalp touched and massage can send warm, tingly feelings throughout your entire body. Doing this also releases serotonin and oxytocin, two chemicals associated with feeling really good. It also increases blood flow throughout your entire body and that includes your blood flow to her genitals, exactly where you want it to go!!!

2. Stimulate her ears – While you’re in the area, next you can move on to her ears. This is another area of her body that’s filled with nerve endings, which makes it especially wonderful to stimulate. There are a couple ways to stimulate her ears. One way is to incorporate them into your scalp massage. Very gently trace your fingers along the C-shaped outline of her ears with your fingertips. Another way to stimulate them is with your mouth. Trace that same area, but this time do it with your tongue. Put her earlobe in your mouth, suck on it, nibble on it very lightly with your lips/teeth. You can even penetrate her ear every now and then, which surprisingly feels amazing! Finally, try whispering, talking in a low, deep voice or moaning into her ear. All of these are great ways to stimulate her ears and send warm shivers all throughout her body.

3. Titillate her lips – Another spot filled with delicious nerve endings is the lips. Luckily if you kiss your partner a lot, you’ve probably got this one covered. Kissing is very important because stimulating the very sensitive lips releases all of those hormones that are associated with desire, love and sex. You will turn your partner on, but you will also connect with her and build up the intimacy in your relationship. Try kissing her in different ways. Run your tongue along her lips and then pull away and do the same lightly with the tip of your finger.

4. The sexy lower back – Men often find this sexy area of a woman’s body irresistible. This is where a woman’s hips curve out from her waist and the beginning of where her butt starts to protrude from her backside. Men tend to love these curves and find this area a total turn on. The good news is that it is also a super sensual erogenous zone. Grab some of your favorite scented massage oil and begin to give her a back rub, topless of course. Pay special attention to her sacrum, the area right above the tailbone in the center of the lower back. This area is rich with nerve endings. You should also knead and massage the areas on either side of her spine at the very top of her butt. Massaging these areas in the lower back gets blood flowing through the area (meaning flowing to the genitals as well!).

5. Her irresistible mid section – It’s unfortunate that many women are self conscious when it comes to their abdomen because it’s one of the top erogenous zones. A very little known fact is that the abdominal muscles are actually connected to a woman’s genitals. Some women have even reported being able to orgasm from doing ab exercises! Therefore, if you stimulate the ab muscles of your partner it can cause them to contract and it will also stimulate her genitals. Her whole abdomen area from her breasts down to her mons pubis (the beginning of the genital area) is ripe with sensitive nerve endings. Try running your fingers all the way up and down her abdomen and all the way across it. Allow your fingers to travel lower and lower with each stroke to build up anticipation as you make your way closer and closer to her genital area.

Tell me, guys, what is your favorite place to touch and tease your partner, besides her breasts and genitals?

Gabrielle Moore

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