5 erogenous zones you are ignoring and how to touch them



5 erogenous zones you are ignoring and how to touch them

It’s easy to assume that you know everything about her erogenous areas and that you’ve explored them all to the fullest… But the truth is you still have a lot to learn, and that’s one thing you should be happy about!

When I revealed to my husband that I would like him to touch me in some areas he usually neglects, he was surprised. He thought he already knew my body completely and there was no centimeter that he had not kissed yet. And yet, I have convinced him to explore more… and this has helped us to enrich our intimate experiences.

Surely you know how sensitive her nipples or clitoris are and she knows which moves make you tremble when she touches your penis. But did you know that basically, her entire body is a huge erogenous zone? There are countless nerve endings all up and down her body that you probably ignore completely, not knowing what you could achieve with a simple touch or kiss.

Trust me, knowing all of her erogenous zones will simply change everything about your sex life, helping you achieve greater orgasms and intimacy. While it’s indeed very important to know how to touch her nipples and clitoris, when you throw a few of these genius moves into the mix, your lady won’t know what hit her (in the best way possible).

Nipples… Yours too

Okay, you might be really surprised right now – weren’t we talking about her? Still, I think it’s very important for both of you to know that her nipples are not the only ones to experience magical orgasms – yours are just as capable. Unfortunately, nipple stimulation is uncomfortable for most men because it can trigger feelings of vulnerability – and no man wants to feel vulnerable during sex. And because it’s an area associated with female pleasure, you’ll probably feel less masculine if you accept this position. But if you give yourself permission to let go of prejudices and just feel, you’ll be blown away by how much more pleasure you are able to experience. And doing so with your partner will bring you even closer.

 If you’re willing to try this, let your partner gently rub your nipples and draw circles around them with her tongue. Just experiment with all kinds of touches and kisses and see where this leads.

Her feet

So maybe you don’t have a foot fetish – but still, you need to know that this area is much more powerful than you imagine. It’s pure science and it has to do with nerve endings, of course. The nerves in the feet correspond to the homunculus in the brain, and the genitals are located next to the feet on this sensory strip in the brain. This means that a foot massage right before sex could really help her to get in the mood and feel more pleasure than usual.

Her face

Kissing her face is a very romantic gesture and it increases intimacy, but this goes beyond innocent kissing. Having a beard, you know how good it feels to scratch it sometimes. Well, that’s because the face is also packed with nerve endings that increase arousal when stimulated. I suggest you experiment with really light, feathery strokes during foreplay – she’ll be taken by surprise and I can guarantee no other man has ever treated her face like a sexual organ before.

Her inner thigh

It’s a very sexy area but it can be overlooked during sex because it’s a ticklish spot. All you need is patience – I promise you it will be worth it. I appreciate lovers who take their time to experiment with touch and wait for their partner’s response. This is how you learn to really satisfy your woman both physically and emotionally. Because she will notice and appreciate your effort.

To avoid a tickle response, I suggest you try firmer touches and kisses. After she gets used to these, she will also appreciate more subtle and delicate moves.

Her breasts

It’s an obvious one, but I’m talking about the whole boob area rather than just the nipple. It’s important for you to remember that her breasts have many sides and that you should actually avoid the nipple until she’s really aroused. To make boob action more exciting than ever, try touching the undersides of her breasts, or running your tongue along the inside of her cleavage. You can tease the nipple but don’t touch it yet – if she’s properly aroused, she’ll experience more pleasure when you get to the main attraction.

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S.: Like I always say, every woman is different, so a great sexual exercise is to discover together your hidden erogenous zones. It’s a truly erotic journey that will bring you closer than ever. If you want to discover more advanced info on your partner’s sensual triggers, check out my program – Her Secret Hot Spots!

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