These 3 arousing techniques lead her straight to orgasm



These 3 arousing techniques lead her straight to orgasm

Your orgasm routine is fairly simple: there’s some making out, some touching and rubbing, a bit of penetration… and then you reach the point of no return – the incredible release of tension, the incredible orgasm!

But when it comes to the female climax, things get a little tricky and confusing. She needs the right state of mind and the right guy. She needs to feel comfortable around you – relaxed, carefree, desired. At some point, her mind will start to wander: did she leave her curling iron plugged in this morning? Damn, everything is ruined. But you’ll start to make out, she’ll remember she really likes you and she’ll convince herself that she definitely unplugged the curling iron. After more touching and soft whispers, the blood finally rushes to her genitals. From now on, the touching and rubbing have to be just right – not too gentle, not too rough – and on the exact right spot. She’s feeling it, that incredible sensation, her heart pounding, toes curling, and then… nothing, she missed it. But why? Everything was going so well…

Well, female orgasm depends on so many aspects – physical and emotional – that it can become pretty complicated to achieve, even when you think you have everything under control. So I’m not surprised by this new research in The Journal of Sexual Medicine which says that men have a difficult time telling when or if women climax during a sexual experience. In the study of nearly 1,700 committed couples, researchers found that 43% of men misperceived how often their partner reached orgasm – and most of the time they overestimated.

This type of confusion happens mainly because you don’t know what she likes or because she doesn’t even know what she likes. BUT most of the time she’s just not aroused enough to build the kind of sexual tension that leads to orgasm.

And if you want to become a master of arousal, you have to understand that it all starts in the brain. Actually, if you want to learn more about her sexy triggers, check out this controversial program called “Elixir of Eros” – you will learn some amazing new strategies on how to make her even more attracted to you. NOTE: This program was NOT created by me.

Now let me show you the 3 arousing techniques that make it so much easier for you to give her the ultimate orgasm every time you initiate sexy play.

Don’t let her focus on the climax   

It may sound counterintuitive, but most women fail to orgasm because they think too much about the end result – the purpose of the operation. And I bet you do the same because, of course, you want her to enjoy that amazing release and see you as the true master of absolute pleasure. Unfortunately, this is not the right mindset for climax.

Play more, worry less. If she finds you relaxed and playful, she will be more willing to just enjoy the moment. So kiss her passionately during penetration, asking her to feel every inch of your tongue, to focus on the way you taste. Or ask her sexy questions during sex, like: “Do you like it when I move like this?” It will help her focus more on how good it feels.

Give her a “breast-to-clit” massage

If you’re not used to setting the atmosphere, maybe it’s time to give her something new. Light up some candles, put on soft music and start to undress her. She’ll expect you to get straight to sex, so don’t give her that yet. Instead, have her lay on the bed, face up, and start massaging her naked body with oil. Don’t focus on her intimate parts yet – teasing is great when it comes to building sexual tension. Massage her neck, her arms, her wrists and the inside of her thighs. Then slowly make your way up to her clitoris. Use two fingers and circular motions to warm it up. When she starts to moan, it’s time to go for her breasts. Cup them with your hands, massage them and then rub her nipples gently. Use one hand to stimulate her clit while softly caressing her nipples with your tongue.

Don’t underestimate oral action

Let me just clarify that women love oral sex. The reason why they’re not as excited as you to get it is because few men do it well. But when done right, oral sex practically guarantees her climax. The problem is that you get bored after two minutes… and she really needs more than that. Stop being worried about not knowing what to do down there and start asking the right questions. Tell her how much you want to please her and then ask what feels good. One little tip: there’s a difference between a poking tongue and a flat tongue. She prefers the flat tongue because it creates a softer touch.

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S.: Darling, I’m so happy you’re willing to give back and make her orgasm a priority. The most important thing is not to rush it – set the mood, explore and have fun together. And don’t forget great arousal starts in the brain. If you want to learn more about her sexy triggers, check out this effective program called “Her Secret Hot Spots”

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