10 Things You Need to Know About Her Orgasm



10 Things You Need to Know About Her Orgasm

Men often complain that women are impossible to understand. They say that men and women just “function” differently. Do you think that is true? One thing is for sure, when it comes to sexuality, men and women tend to be very different. Most men orgasm pretty easily without a lot of problems, but women, on the other hand, don’t always cum and a lot of people don’t even really understand why not.

Guys who don’t understand what makes a woman tick sexually have trouble giving their women maximum pleasure because they just don’t know exactly what they’re doing. That’s why I’ve decided it’s time that my readers learn a few things about the female orgasm. After all, you can go through the movements of a sexual technique, but if you really want to please her, you need to know exactly what’s going on.

1. One of the major concerns for men is that they don’t last long enough in bed, but guess what? Women are just the opposite! They’re often really worried that they take too long to orgasm. The major problem here is that if their mind is focused on how long they’re taking, they’re going to worry so much that they will never cum. So, first and foremost, your job is to make sure she knows that you’re not in a rush and that you will pleasure her for however long it takes with NO complaints! Keep in mind that the average woman can take between 15 and 40 minutes to reach orgasm. That means foreplay is important… and maybe even a little “post-play.”

2. Turning her on doesn’t just have to do with your sexual skills. She will be turned on by your personality, your character, your intelligence, your humor and all the other things that make you YOU. This might not seem like an important thing to make her orgasm, but believe me, it is for a woman.

3. Many women are self conscious about how they look during sex. Negative thoughts and worrying about their bodies can easily make it impossible for a woman to cum. What can you do? Your job is to make her feel like the sexiest, most beautiful woman you have ever had the good fortune to be with. Tell her how gorgeous she is, how much she turns you on and how lucky you feel.

4. Be gentle with her breasts. Don’t just focus on the nipples because the whole breast is extremely sensitive for a woman. Start with the whole breast and gently working your way in toward the nipple.

5. Master the slow build up. If a woman takes longer than a man, one of the great things that she will really enjoy is when her orgasm slowly builds up. Don’t try to rush it and don’t be too heavy handed when stimulating her. Slow, gentle and sensual really does the trick.

6. Try different things in order to find out what she likes. Different positions, different ways to stimulate her clitoris, different erogenous zones and more. Don’t be afraid to try something new, if she doesn’t like it, just change it up and try the next thing.

7. Learn to multitask. Women often like a combination of different stimulation in order to get her to orgasm. For example, penetration with either your finger or penis while you stimulate her clitoris, oral sex while fingering her, breast play during sex, etc. etc.

8. Pay really close attention to what her body does when she is getting close to orgasming. You will notice a change in her breathing, in the way she moves her body, her heart will be beating faster, the color of her vulva will change and become more engorged. Noticing these things will help you to be able to recognize what is turning her on and what isn’t. When she orgasms you will notice contractions in her vagina, butt and even in her stomach.

9. Another way that men and women are different is that once a man reaches the point of no return, he will orgasm no matter what. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for women. Anything along the way can cut it off pretty quickly. Even though your partner will love variety, if you are doing something she really loves and you can tell that she’s close, stick with it. Changing it up at the wrong moment could ruin it for her.

10. Try to let her cum first. Realistically, you’re not going to be up for oral or anything else once you’ve cum. If you know your partner takes a long time to get there and you can’t last as long as she needs, make her cum before you even start having sex to ensure that gets her orgasm.

Gabrielle Moore

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