OMG YES Orgasms

Do all your sexual encounters end with an explosive orgasm for the both of you or does your partner rarely enjoy a “fireworks” finale?

Statistics say that only 30% of women “benefit” from a guaranteed orgasm at the end of sexual intercourse. The remaining 70% sigh enviously and though they enjoy the emotion-rich carnal experiences they share with their partners, they remain lacking in the orgasm department. 

Read on and learn how to crown every love party with benevolent orgasms for your lady as well.

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The more you know your partners body and its reactions to orgasm, the easier it will be to know exactly where to … insist. Once you get in bed with your partner, do not rush to get into the action too quickly and let her body “dictate” the rhythm.

Since for so many women foreplay is decisive in getting an orgasm, why are you deliberately choosing to ignore a more-than-pleasant stage of sex? Foreplay is important to the extent that the woman manages to emotionally load certain stimuli. Sexual excitement can be determined by different stimuli that have sexual significance for each individual woman, depending on experience and circumstances. Any stimulation becomes effective only if it is associated with a certain emotional load. In women, perception refers primarily to the affective component of the stimulus and then to the quality of the vaginal response.

The difference between women who climax and those who do not have orgasms is given by the ability of the first ones to perceive the genital and extra-genital changes produced by sexual arousal faster and more efficiently.


Beware – erogenous zones differ from person to person, but through “in-depth study” and work … you can manually spot your partners!

Practice deciphering her body clues and make sure you’re leaving your inhibitions aside. Pay attention to any gesture and touch and how her body responds to each and one of them – no area of ??the body should be “wasted” or overlook, so take your sweet time.

In addition, the brain is the one that gives sexual significance to a particular touch, not only the touch in itself, but also who you are doing it with, when and for what purpose. So no cutting corners! Stimulate the neck, the inner part of her thighs, the lumbar area and, why not, the lobes of the ears. 


All sexual positions that allow penis contact with the anterior vaginal wall could favor stimulation of the G point. Those who “promise” almost guaranteed orgasms are girl on top or doggy style, to which you can obviously add different variations. But imagination is one of the most powerful sexual tools one possesses. The brain has the ability to create sexual arousal without any external excitement. Sexual fantasies are really exciting and absolutely necessary. 

So, put your mind to work and create intimate scenarios with you and your lover as protagonists. And if in fantasy everything is allowed, why not follow this thread in real life as well? There is a correlation between the richness of sexual fantasy content and the level of sexual activity, but also between personality and sexual fantasies. 


Is your partner more on the prudish side? Surprise her with new sexual positions or “invite” small “actors” to spice up the atmosphere of those moments. What exactly are we talking about? Sex toys are no longer a taboo subject or shameful subjects.

First, have your partner move into reverse cowgirl position. Rotating 180 degrees gives you the sexiest view and the back wall of her vagina will be stimulated to the maximum. At the same time, she can … gently caress her clitoris with a vibrator to double the pleasure. Or why not choose a special dildo for anal stimulation, which you can use on her to take her to heaven in terms of sexual pleasure? The world is your oyster!

Hot kisses, 

Gabrielle Moore

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