Tantric Massage Techniques for Stronger Orgasms



Tantric Massage Techniques for Stronger Orgasms

Touching your partner is about so much more than just sex. Massage feels amazing and it can put a stressed out and tuned out partner in the mood for something more. One of the best massages to master is the tantric massage.

To prepare you should make sure you have set the mood where you will be giving her the massage. The temperature should be comfortable to warm since she will be naked. Light a scented candle. Put on soft, relaxing music. Dim the lights or use more candles for lighting. These might seem like cliché things to do, but they are common because they are really relaxing and go a long way in setting the right mood.

Although with most kinds of massage you can use a variety of different kinds of lubrication, for tantric massage you should use oil. If you and your partner use condoms, make sure that the oil that you choose doesn’t interfere with and break down the latex in the condom.

In tantric massage and sex there is no rush. In fact going slow and enjoying the moment is an important part of the whole experience. So, naturally you’re not going to want to rush through any part of this massage, even the parts that seemingly focus on non-sexual body parts. The truth is that these parts are just as important and can be just as sensual and sexual.

Your partner should first being lying flat on her stomach on the bed. You can use a light sheet to cover the part of her body that you’re not massaging or she can be fully nude. It depends on how comfortable she feels. You want her to be fully relaxed and focused on the sensations she’s feeling in the moment. If she is concerned with other things going on at the moment, she won’t get the full experience of a tantric massage.

* Heat the massage oil by rubbing your hands together. Remember to continuously add more oil if necessary throughout the massage. Start by placing your hands firmly on her lower back. Slowly and firmly slide them up her back to her neck and then glide them over her shoulders and back down her back, over her butt cheeks and then sliding your hands between her butt crack. This should all be done in one continuous sensual movement, not necessarily pausing in one area more than any other.

* Put your hands parallel to one another and slide your hands firmly up her spine. Make your way once again up to her neck and then move down her shoulders, but this time continue the motion down each arm instead of back down to her butt. Repeat this several times.

* While your partner is still lying face down try lifting each side of her body to give her mini stretches. Start by using both hands to gently, but firmly lift one hip up toward her spine (think of a mini-twist). Then always repeat this action on the other side. You can also do this at your partner’s waist, chest and shoulders.

* Always check in with your partner about whether or not the amount of pressure is okay because many times one person might prefer more or less. Try using an extremely light touch to caress and stroke her body. Think of it as a featherlight touch. Run the tips of your fingers slowly over her body. Make small circles on her back, backside and down her arms. Slowly make the circles bigger and bigger. Do this for at least 5 minutes.

* Use the same sweeping and gliding technique now focusing on her legs and feet. Do one leg at a time starting at her calf and working your way up her thigh. Make sure your movements are slow, have just the amount of pressure that she likes, and are one continuous sensual movement. When you move on to her feet, give each one your full attention, paying attention to the heel, the arch and the toes. Rub between her toes and gently pull each one away from the body. Always remember when moving on to massage a new part of the body that you should be applying more oil each time.

* Have your partner finally flip over in order to massage her stomach and breasts. Remember that this requires a much lighter touch than you used on previous body parts. You will use the same motions you did with the other areas of her body. Place your hands gently on her stomach, over her belly button, and slowly slide your hands up her body, sweeping them over her breasts and nipples and then down to the belly again. Repeat this various times.

After this incredible tantric massage, who knows where you and your partner will take things, but one thing is for sure, she will be in heaven.

Gabrielle Moore

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