Stress-proof her body



Stress-proof her body

“I think the best thing I can do is to be a distraction. A husband lives and breathes his work all day long. If he comes home to more table thumping, how can the poor man ever relax?”- Jackie Kennedy

These days, not only men live and breathe for their jobs, but women as well, and if your partner has been piling up the “busy-bee” days, no wonder she’s stressed. If you’ve noticed lately that she’s being a knotty, knotty girl, wild sex is even more far off her sensual repertoire. For a woman to truly enjoy better sex, she has to be completely relaxed, both emotionally, but most importantly as far as her body is concerned.

When a woman is bugging out, her body holds onto stress in one of five key areas. Pinpoint her personal problem zone and learn how to keep nasty tension at bay. Thus she’ll be able to say yes to your wild sex proposal more often than the usual.

Where is she feeling the stress?

1) Her head.

What it reveals: She’s overwhelmed. Any sort of mental freak-out- she finds herself with one of those scary-long to-do lists, or she went on a shopping binge that left her with a monster credit-card hangover- can prompt her to start taking short breaths or clenching her jaw, both of which cause hard-core tension headaches.
Quick fix: Coffee. Scientists say that caffeine causes blood vessels in her head to contract, which helps reduce her pounder. And exercise works too. Doing 30 or 45 minutes of cardio (she should hop on the elliptical, treadmill, bike, whatever) releases endorphins, which are brain chemicals that help curb physical pain. Take her to a light jog in the park during the week-end and then treat her to her favorite coffee at her favorite little coffee place. When night falls and you come home, she’ll be feeling good and ready to get busy in the backdoor.

2) Her neck and shoulders

What it reveals: She’s a worker bee. When she has tons to do, she very likely hunches her shoulders over her desk or at her computer in order to concentrate and fully focus. But while she may think this position helps her get ahead at work, it actually tightens the muscles in this area, which causes them to knot up.
Quick fix: A massage is the best cure, but this trick will help in a pinch. Have her stand up straight with her arms at her side. Grab her shoulders and slowly lift and roll them in a circular motion. Do this 10 times in a row; it increases blood flow to her neck and shoulder muscles, which loosens the knots, and the feel of your touch gets her more emotionally comfortable.

3) Her hands

What it reveals: She’s restless. Maybe she’s picking at her cuticles. Perhaps she’s chomping at her nails, even though she clearly knows better. She could be drumming her fingers nervously on her desktop. Whichever hand-evil she’s engaging in, all these little movements show she’s fidgety and anxious.
Quick fix: A manicure- the do-it-yourself work. Offer to do the job for her, she’ll be pleased and she’ll be able to fully relax during the process. Start with a hand scrub and massage. By paying attention to her hands, you’ll not only soothe them, but also calm her thoroughly. Plus, a manicure will help kill her bad hand habits. Who wants to pick and gnaw at freshly polished fingernails, especially if they’ve been done by you, her partner?

4) Her tummy

What it reveals: She’s a huge bucket of nerves right now. Fretting about something big in her life, like an important presentation she has to give at work, causes her digestive system to speed up and operate way faster than normal. The result? She feels crampy, gassy and extremely nauseous.
Quick fix: Eating cheese, whole grains and/or chicken. Offer to make her dinner and use the ingredients mentioned above. You don’t have to whip up a whole wrap every time her stomach hurts- any one of these foods will work alone. They all have tryptophan, an amino acid that helps her brain produce serotonin, a feel-good chemical that can reduce anxiety.

5) Her feet

What it reveals: She’s exhausted. Say she had a crazy-busy day. She had some major deadlines, tons of meetings, and a business lunch. By 6 p.m., it feels like her feet are literally dragging. That’s because experts say that women feel much of the weight of their waking hours in their legs.
Quick fix: A hot bath. Her kickers are jam-packed with nerve endings that connect to her entire body, so soaking them sends a soothing sensation to her whole system. Plus: have her put her feet up on the edge of the tub. Elevating them takes the pressure off, which sends a signal to her brain that it’s time to relax.

Have a relaxed week,

Gabrielle Moore

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