Spicing Things up Through Erotic Massage: 7 Tips That Will Drive Her Wild



Spicing Things up Through Erotic Massage: 7 Tips That Will Drive Her Wild

It can be easy to let massage slip through the cracks as a part of good sex when you have been in a relationship for a while. However, giving your partner a massage can be an incredible erotic and sensual experience for both of you.  It can be an amazing expression of intimacy and can show your significant other that you are in tune with their body.

You don’t have to be a licensed massage therapist to give your sweetie a massage that will leave her feeling relaxed and in the mood for hot sex. With a little imagination and planning you can give her an experience he will never forget.

Take Inventory

There are several things you can use during a good massage. Some may already be in your house. Start with good massage oil. Baby oil will do in a pinch but look for something scented that is not so messy. For example, lavender is good for relaxation.  Be sure to put it in a cup of warm water to heat it up. Set the scene with lit candles, clean sheets and slow music. Have a towel close by so you can wipe your hands if you need to. Think outside the box and use a feather or some massage mitts that give different tactile sensations.

When She Least Expects It

Go for the element of surprise. Don’t wait until it is time for bed. Surprise her when she comes home from work. Most women are thinking of the chores they have to do around the house after work and couples who have been together for a while tend to get into a routine. Breaking the routine can really shake things up sexually and giving her an erotic massage will go a long way to show her you understand how hard she works and that you are willing to do what it takes to give her pleasure. Get everything you need together and have it in the bedroom on the nightstand so it is within easy reach. Open a bottle of wine and greet her at the door with a glass.

Start Slowly

When she comes in and the shock wears off, take her by the hand and lead her to the bedroom. Spend some time kissing her and whispering in her ear. Tell her that night is all about her. Slowly and deliberately undress her. A lot of men don’t know this but women like to be undressed by their lover and that is something that often falls by the wayside after a while.

Have her lie down on her stomach and start by rubbing your fingers through her hair and give her a scalp massage. This actually feels incredible. Put some warm oil on your hands and start on her neck and slowly work your way down. Remember the skin is the largest sex organ on the body so erogenous zones are all over, not just in between your legs.

Play with her and tease her with your touch. Rub your hands all over her body. Tickle her with your beard stubble or a feather.

Bottom’s Up

Don’t neglect her ass. Give her ass a good rub and deep massage and run your fingers lightly down in between her butt cheeks. Drizzle some more warm oil on her bottom and apply massage pressure in slow circles lightly and then harder releasing all the muscle tension as you work. Go all the way down to her feet and then have her turn over on her back.

Time for the Flip Side

Once on her back lightly caress her face and kiss her lips. Go all the way down each arm and massage and caress each hand.

It is Not All in What She Sees

To make it even more sensual, put a blindfold on her. By taking away what she sees, her body will have to use her other senses to an even higher degree. Take advantage of her sense of hearing by using erotic talk and her sense of touch with all the different tactile sensations you can think of that she might like.

Save the Best for Last

As you work your way down her body, don’t touch her vulva. Not just yet. The more you touch her everywhere else the more aroused she will become. Tease her. Flirt with her. Touch her clitoris just a little bit then stop.  Kiss and touch her inner thighs and work your way down massaging her legs.

When you have massaged her entire body, and she is breathing heavily with anticipation, it is time to pay some attention to her genitals. Gently stroke her clitoris with one hand and her vagina with the other, slowly at first and then faster. Let her reaction be your guide. Bring her closer and closer to orgasm until she can’t take it anymore.

Erotic massage should be erotic but is should also be fun. Use this as an opportunity to show your sensual side. Remember that you don’t have to be a professional to give a good massage. Confidence in what you are doing can be the biggest turn on. Take a leap of faith and know that you will both enjoy such an erotic experience.

Happy rubbing, fellas!

Gabrielle Moore

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