Love Rubs: The New Intimacy



Love Rubs: The New Intimacy

“Massage is the study of anatomy in Braille”- Jack Meagher

What do women want, really? It’s not boxes loaded with chocolate, it’s not being romanced under the moon, and it’s not diamonds as big as a pigeon’s egg. It’s simpler than that. It’s a day at a spa. Seriously, ask anyone. They love being spoilt with massages, beauty treatments and relaxation tools.

I’ve taken a peek on the titillating massages moves that spas around the world are using so that you can learn to try them at home with the help of basic, step-by-step instructions. Turn your bedroom into a sexy spa and she’ll be yours before you even get the chance to put some oil on your hands.

The lap massage

Indian women have this trick up their sleeves, one that’s been with them for ages: whenever they want to relieve someone from stress (particularly from the neck up), they perform a scalp massage. And since women tend to carry tension above their shoulders, it’s an ideal fix for them. To boost the experience for both of you, place your girlfriend’s head in your lap so you can see her reaction to your touches. First, use your index fingers to press between her eyebrows. Then rub around her ears, where there are more than 300 pressure points, making it a prime erogenous zone. From there, massage your way up to the crown of her head. Now she can return the favor.

Pleasure packed breast rub

Thai massage therapists say your partner’s neck shouldn’t get all the love during a rubdown. Working on her chest (aka, boobies) increases blood flow, which helps boost the immune system. Start by drizzling lickable massage oil, like the Sensuous Sweet Touch raspberry kissable warming massage oil, $14.50 ( onto her skin, then place your palms next to each other facing upright, on one side of her breast, and slowly stroke upward using circular motions. Brush over her nipple with your thumbs (or your tongue). Continue to her shoulders, switching from palm to finger pressure. Repeat on the other side, then it’s your turn.

The bellow-the-belt press

A woman can get therapeutic benefits from loosening up her hip flexors (where the front of her upper thighs meets the hips). Hip flexors lose flexibility from sitting for long periods of time, so if she’s an office geek, she’ll appreciate this massage even more, since it’s both arousing and healthy. Rub massage oil into your hands and knead her hip flexors in a clockwise circular motion. Once her muscles feel more pliable, increase the pressure and trace circles toward the extra-sensitive groin area. After she’s been moaning in pleasure for a while, switch places so she can do you.

The down-under massage

The glutes (the muscles in her buttocks) and lumbar spine (the lower vertebrae that support her lower back) can house a lot of muscle tension and stress, but they are often neglected- even though they can handle deep pressure. Lie her face down and kneel over her, straddling the back of her thighs. Then make like a cat, walking your hands palm by palm down either side of her spine and into each bum cheek. Apply some sweet almond oil and use the heel of your palm (one hand at a time) to work in small circles along the contours of her back and bum. Once you’ve warmed up the muscles, use your fists to pummel gently into the fleshy areas, for at least eight minutes on each cheek.

Titillating towel spank

For ages, Russian spa goers have sworn by flogging to boost circulation and flush out toxins. There, you would get lashed with branches, but you can make do in your home by using a warm, damp towel. Dip a hand towel in lukewarm water, wring it out, then pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds (it shouldn’t feel scalding to the touch). Tell your girlfriend to stand with her back to you (and make sure there are no mirrors around). That way, she won’t know what areas of her body you’re going to hit each time, which ups the thrill of the whole thing for both of you. Twist the towel, then grab both ends. Release one end of the towel, and gently whip it a few times over her legs and arms, then move to the small of her back and, of course, her butt. Now let her do it to you. I challenge you not to end up in fits of laughter by the end of it.

Have a sensual week,

Gabrielle Moore

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