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Erotic Reflexology Massage: A Few New Special Spots!

Erotic Massage

Erotic Reflexology Massage: A Few New Special Spots!

Reflexology is an ancient massage science which ascribes areas of the skin and glands – in particular on the hands, feet, face and ears – to other parts of the body, namely the internal organs and major body systems. Sexual reflexology takes these associations into account in order to stimulate the sexual organs and awaken the body to new heights of ecstasy. Sexual reflexology also gives you the opportunity to focus on relaxation and foreplay. Learn where you should be massaging and don’t worry too much about the technicalities of what body part you might be stimulating with each movement. In the long run, the entire process will be stimulating and invigorating!

The best place to start with a sexy reflex massage is the face. Don’t get naked right away. Sit down somewhere like the couch or the bed with your legs crossed and have your lover sit in front of you and lean back, resting her head in your lap. While it might be your first instinct to focus exclusively on the areas of the body associated with the sex organs – like so many men focus entirely on a woman’s breasts or genitals during foreplay – you don’t have to worry much about what organs or systems reflexology point you are pressing. Instead you can think about the process as a ritual of relaxation, going through the steps and aligning all of the body’s systems.

The Reflexology Face Massage

  1. Rub up either side of the thyroid gland from the collar bone to just below the chin.
  2. Press gently into the indent of her chin to stimulate the GI tract and brighten her skin.
  3. Rub from the indent above the chin up towards the lower lip, along the length of her mouth.
  4. Massage the edges of the mouth to stimulate the mouths.
  5. Gently rub the ridges under the nose towards the upper lip for the spleen.
  6. Rub the tip of her nose (with your own nose, if you want to be cute!) to support the stomach.
  7. Very gently stimulate the jaw joint in the deepest part of the cheek, which will get the digestive system going and get dinner off her mind.
  8. Press very gently along the ridges of the cheekbones from the nose and below the eyes.
  9. Tap lightly with a fluttering motion under the eyes, starting from the outside and moving in, to improve the skin condition and stimulate the kidneys.
  10. Rub gently with your index, middle and ring fingers between the eyes to stimulate the pituitary gland and the entire reproductive system.
  11. Rub your thumbs along the edge of her hairline to improve mental clarity.
  12. Rub again up into her hair from the center of her forehead (if her hair is parted in the middle, rub gently down the center of her part) to stimulate the rest of the nervous system.
  13. Pinch up and down the ears very gently with your forefinger and thumb. The ear, like the face, hands and feet, can be broken up into all the body systems. Running your fingers from the top to the bottom along the outer ridge helps the whole body.
  14. Finally begin massaging the ridge of the jawline, beginning from the base of the ears to the chin to stimulate the sex organs.

Grab her chin and give her an upside down kiss!

The hands and feet are also ripe with pressure points for the body, but after this great face massage you won’t need to spend too much time on the hands and feet. Start with the feet and give them a good all-over rub. Finish off by gently pressing the points at the back of the heel and rubbing along the calf towards the inside of the knee. After relieving the tension in her legs, go in for another kiss and grab her hands while you’re at it.

The sexual pressure points in the upper body are in the wrists. The base of the hands where the meet the wrists are entirely associated with the sexual organs, in particular the small pits in the wrists, one on each side, two on the front or back of the wrist. If you pin her down with her wrists in your hands, you can hold on to her with your thumb on one pressure point on the inside of her wrist, and your ring fingers on the back of her wrist. See what kind of pressure points your lips can hit next!

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  1. Luigi Longo

    June 4, 2012 at 5:31 am

    Many pleasure , but the soul is first

  2. Jaeleen

    June 4, 2012 at 5:59 pm

    Love this!

  3. Ali

    December 2, 2012 at 8:13 am

    Great and Nice!

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