Erotic massage: learn the good gestures



Erotic massage: learn the good gestures

When you touch a body, you touch the whole person, the intellect, the spirit, and the emotions.”- Jane Harrington

We dispose of 1800 cm² of skin which abounds in receptive nerves. We should learn to play with the power of touch more often, explore each other’s sexual geography. The fingertips and the lips should become the messengers of sensuality and softness. The receptive nerves- true capsules of voluptuousness- can give birth to innumerable sensations. We just have to know when, how and how much to provoke the skin with fleeting caresses.

Every time I’m asked about the secret of a really good erotic massage, I always say this: you have to be present. In order to milk it of all its possible advantages, you have to abandon yourself in the act of performing the massage. This way you’ll regain the primitivism of sensations, the spontaneity of gestures, and your very own creativity in the matter.

If you want to surprise your girlfriend or wife when she comes home tired from work, you can choose from these two massage types- Thai and oriental- which I’ll describe in the following paragraphs. All you need is patience and love. I bet the whole thing will end with a happy finish for you too.

1) Thai erotic massage: a flow of relaxation

This extremely sensual massage frees her from tension and allows her to feel her body on a deeper level. A sine qua non condition before you start: this massage should follow a fairly precise protocol.

Start by massaging her feet vaults, in order to free the energetic circuits. Then, massage her whole body with the help of warm massage oil. Use soft and tender movements, barely caressing her skin, barely pushing with your palms against her skin. Her calves, her knees, her thighs, go all the way up. Using regular, fluid rhythm, no pression should break the swaying the movements imprinted. Abdomen, arms, hands, marry her contour with yours, in order to disperse the energy all over her body (and yours, for that matter!).

Don’t forget about her bum, it should deserve special attention, since it’s rarely massaged as it should be, slapping being about the only method of “touching” it enjoys. The effect is totally guaranteed. A wave of relaxation will voluptuously encompass her.

2) Oriental erotic massage: a flow of beauty

In Oriental countries and in the tradition of their magnificent spas, the woman cultivates her beauty away from indiscrete peeks. The hammam rituals are exquisite and extremely relaxing. If you really want to connect with her on all levels, offer to give her an oriental massage that will nourish both her inner beauty and her sexual drive.

Start with a little sweating, in order to clean both the body and the soul. Turn the heat on in the bathroom; pour hot water in the bathtub, a few drops of eucalyptus oil (it has purifying effects) and almond oil (it nourishes the skin), then have her soak up. Caress her face with the help of a honey and milk mask. After she’s done bathing, massage her with rosewater oil using languid, methodical and precise movements.

Little extra tricks


  • Pick a calm room. It should be neither too hot, nor too cold. Create a relaxing ambiance with dim lights, candles, New Age music and incense.
  • Avoid massaging her on a bed that is too soft. She’ll tend to get lost in the pillows. Opt for a gym rug or directly on the mattress.
  • Don’t dry massage her. Use a lotion, oil or cream every time. The ideal duration of a massage session is of ten minutes for every body part.

Why is it so good?

When we’re on the receiving end of a massage, erotic more so, our hypophysis starts working and secretes two types of hormones: endorphins, which have the same virtues as morphine and can send us to seventh heaven, and oxytocins, which slow down our cardiac rhythm and make us more Zen. Also, it relaxes our muscles, so why not give it a try?

Have a gorgeously sexy week-end,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. If you show her yours, she’ll show you hers, so offer her a nice massage and be sure she’ll respond with the same treatment. To discover more advanced tips and techniques about erotic massage CLICK HERE NOW!

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