6 Secret Orgasmic Hot Spots

6 Secret Orgasmic Hot Spots

Those who know a lot about the human body and how it works know that there are many surprising little hot spots that can trigger sexual feelings in the body. Some of them can be found in the most surprising places. I’m not talking about the obvious pleasure zones, like the clitoris, vagina, or the nipples. I’m talking about sparking desire and pleasure by touching areas you would never normally associate with sex! If you want to truly master the art of erotic massage with your partner, you need to know about these special spots.

1. The Sacrum – Do you know where this special love button is located? Well, you need to know about it ASAP. The sacrum is located at the very base of the spine right in the center. It is a triangular shaped area at the bottom of the back, right above the butt. This is where the sacral nerves are located, which is a long set of nerves that shoot straight to a woman’s genitals. Research has shown that electric stimulation will give 91% of women an orgasm! But don’t worry guys, you don’t need to give her electric stimulation in order to get results, you just need your own two hands. Your partner should lie down on her stomach. You can start with a normal back rub, starting at the shoulders and making your way down. Your partner should be topless, of course (being nude doesn’t hurt either!). You can either press down on the sacrum with your palm (try vigorously rubbing your hands together first to create heat) or you can perform a gentle karate chop style massage. These techniques activate these nerves and build heat in that area which goes right to the genitals. Also try kneading the area with your thumbs (don’t forget to apply a slippery massage oil for best results). This will not only be incredibly relaxing, but it will get her turned on as well.

2. The Big Toe – The big toe is a popular point in reflexology, the practice of applying pressure to the hands, feet and ears in order to stimulate different organs and parts of the body. They say that there is a neurological link between the toes and your genitals. The big toe is said to be the most sensitive of all of them, even causing orgasms in some women. There are a few ways to stimulate this area. First, during a foot massage you can take her toe, pinch the sides of it and roll in between your fingers. Try massaging her feet first and then making your way to her toes. Use a nice massage oil or lotion. Another very successful option is to suck on her toes.

3. The Belly Button – When a female is developing in the womb, her navel and belly button actually develop from the same tissue at the clitoris, so it’s no wonder that the belly button and navel are next on our hot spot list. Try using your tongue or finger in her belly button. That might feel too intense for some women, so if that’s the case, go 2 to 3 inches further south to a set of acupressure points called the Sea of Energy. These points are associated with sexual energy and fertility.

4. The Nose – This one surprised me the first time I heard it as much as it probably surprised you. After the mouth, the nose has the biggest concentration of nerve endings in it. There are a couple ways to stimulate this area. It might sound strange, but one of the best ways to stimulate the nose is by nibbling on it lightly. You can also try giving “eskimo kisses,” which are rubbing your noses together from side to side (for those who don’t know!).

5. Pelvic Pressure Point – There is a point in the pelvis in the center of the crease where the leg meets the body. This is an extremely important point in acupressure and reflexology because stimulating it is said to increase a woman’s sexual response and intensifies sensations in the genitals. In order to activate this point, press down firmly with your thumbs in this area for about 30 seconds to 1 minute. Press down at .5 inch intervals around the area.

6. The Heel – We’re going back to the feet with this final hot point. While you’re giving her an amazing foot massage (complete with toe stimulation!), spend some time on the bottom inside part of the heel. This is a pressure point which is said to awaken desire in the genitals. Stimulation is done the same way as in the previous point.

The human body is truly an amazing thing. Incorporate these hot spots into your next sensual massage and I’m sure you’ll see exciting results!

Gabrielle Moore

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