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4 Important Rules For Erotic Massage

Erotic Massage

4 Important Rules For Erotic Massage

Erotic massage is such an amazing way to be intimate with your partner. It’s not sex, but it can lead to amazingly hot sex. It’s not sex, but it can foster a bond and help you connect with your partner. It’s a great form of foreplay that is guaranteed to get her extremely turned on every time. There is also something really special about taking the time to really touch and explore your partner’s body and give pleasure and attention to every nook and cranny.

However, erotic massage is not like your typical massage. Some people hear “erotic” and think it means you just go straight to the breasts and vagina right away, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Just like any kind of massage, it’s an art form. If you want to do it right, you need to pay close attention to what you’re doing and use all the best techniques. In order to help you with this, today I’m sharing 4 of the most important rules for erotic massage.

1. Set the mood, the tone and pace – As I said, giving a really fantastic erotic massage is about a lot more than just where and how you touch her. This first rule has to do with technique just as much as touching her does and it can be just as important too. First you want to pay attention to setting the right kind of mood. She needs to be able to feel totally relaxed, so make sure you clean the area where you will give her the massage. It should be clean, smelling good, and free of distracting clutter. Consider setting a professional tone to the massage. Your job is to give her a hot and sexy massage, but it can add an extra exciting element if you also act as though you are a serious massage professional. This will give the massage a “role play” type feel which will make it even more hot once your hands start wandering to those off-limits areas. Finally, you want to think about the pace that you set. An erotic massage should never be rushed. You want to take your time and massage each part of her body slowly.

2. Make it erotic, not sexual – As much as you might be dying to touch her vulva, her clit and her breasts, hold off. The massage is meant to feel erotic in nature, not sexual. It will be erotic because you’re touching her naked body, with your hands and paying extra attention to erogenous zones (other than the ones I just mentioned). The key to a good erotic massage is building up intensity. Think about it, when you build up the intensity slowly when you’re having sex, the sensations are much better and you have a much more powerful orgasm in the end. The same should go for an erotic massage. You’re going slowly and building up intensity. The massage doesn’t need to end in sex or an orgasm, but if it does, it will be a great one.

3. Have the right tools – Make sure you get a great massage oil that is light and glides over the skin easily. Have everything prepared and on hand so that you don’t have to interrupt the massage for anything. On your bedside table you should have a glass or bottle of water, your massage oil, and some music to play (if it’s your phone, don’t forget to put it on airplane mode!). If it’s cold, have a clean sheet and a blanket to cover parts over her body that you’re not massaging. Usually she will get warm pretty quickly and later they might not be necessary, but her comfort is one of the most important things to keep in mind, since she won’t be able to fully relax if she is uncomfortable. Think of everything and have it on hand.

4. Tease and tantalize – I can’t express how important the art of teasing is to an erotic massage. For example, a great way to tease is to come very close to touching your partner’s vulva, but deliberately avoiding it. With every stroke get a little closer, but once you are very close slowly move away again. Don’t change the direction of the massage, but slowly go further away and then begin to go closer again. This will have her focusing 110% on your touch and it will drive her mad with lust!

Happy rubbing, fellas!
Gabrielle Moore

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Andrew

    October 11, 2016 at 3:42 am

    Great tips. But all in all it will lead to sex.

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