20 sensual things to do in the tub



20 sensual things to do in the tub

“I like to give my inhibitions a bath now and then.”– Oliver Reed

When it comes to massing your partner, don’t always go with the traditional option. By creating a whole bath repertoire for her, as the one I’m describing above, you’re making sure she’s one hundred percent satisfied and relaxed.

That floating, stress-free feeling a woman gets from a bath is already incredible. Add these pleasure boosters and she’ll never want to dry off.

1. If she’s had a hellish day, add a few drops of jasmine oil to the water of her bath- it’s an aroma proven to dissolve tension.

2. Have her sink underwater so only her face is above. According to doctors, warm water dilates the capillaries in her body, increasing the flow of oxygen to her cells and making her feel calm.

3. Bring an ice pop in the bathroom for her to suck on. The combination of the cool fruity flavor in her mouth and the hot water lapping at her body is really magnificent.

4. Ditch the overhead light and burn a few scattered candles. It’ll create dusk like lighting that is super flattering and makes her body look fantastic. Thus she won’t mind your presence there, pampering her all over.

5. Wash her hair, while massaging her scalp and the back of her ears. The stimulating power of your fingers is enhanced in this situation.

6. Take a bouquet of roses that are starting to droop, tear off the petals, and throw them in. The water causes them to release oils that will make her skin smell amazing.

7. Listen to the audio version of an erotic book together. That way you can both get some steamy action without worrying about wetting the pages.

8. Squeeze some body-wash onto your fingers, and rub the small indented area behind her ankle. You will hit a pressure point believed to release feelings of pleasure through her entire body.

9. Play with bubble bath, strategically placing foamy suds on her hot spots then blowing over them to have them on display again, so that you can lick and stroke them to your advantage.

10. Drench a washcloth in the water, then lay it over her face for a few minutes- it can help unclog her pores and make her skin smooth. Plus, the steamy sensation will leave her lips prepped and ready for a sensual session of smooches.

11. Pick up a bottle of sparkling or rose wine for her. It’s just so decadent to sip pink bubbly as she soaks. She’ll feel like the queen of the world and she’ll have you to thank for… later, in the bedroom.

12. Does your tub have jets? Point them at her lower back- it’s where women tend to hold most of their stress.

13. Put on some classical music. A study found these kinds of tunes can actually slow her heart rate.

14. Create a sauna in your bathroom. Before filling the tub for her, run just the hot water from your shower and shut the door. After about 5 minutes, the room will be filled with steam.

15. Grab a bath bomb, and add it to the water once she’s already in. The little bubbles it gives off will burst all over her body- stimulating to say the least! Also, toss a half of cup of baking soda in her bath. This kitchen staple is the perfect addition to a bath, because it rehydrates skin and leaves it smooth to the touch.

16. Male the water exactly 99 degrees- you can check it with a thermometer. Doctors say that’s the perfect temperature to get her totally relaxed.

17. Leave your phones on silent, in another part of the house. Having no distractions will let you fully enjoy the experience.

18. Get her a water-proof massager, and use it to smooth out knots in her neck. Go down to her spine, until you reach her down-there region. You can also use the water-proof massager as a sex toys, if she gets too worked up about it.

19. Spritz your cologne in the air before inviting her to climb in the water. Smelling your scent while she’s wet will make her hot and bothered.

20. After she’s finished with the bath, treat her to a soothing pre-sleep treat by heating up a lightweight body lotion and applying to her bare skin in massaging motions. Not only will it feel super seductive, but warm lotion is absorbed more easily and deeply into skin. Place the bottle of moisturizer into a bowl of hot water for 5 minutes (or, if it’s in a glass jar, nuke it for 15 to 30 seconds with the lid off).

Have a calming week,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. These pampering moves don’t just ensure her skin and hair are silky smooth, they’ll make her so super touchable you won’t be able to keep your hands off her. To discover more advanced tips and techniques about erotic massage CLICK HERE NOW!

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