Top tips to master deep penetration



Top tips to master deep penetration

She loves deep penetration just as much as you do, but you need to take into account that real life sex is very different from porn sex. So when it comes to deep thrusting, she still desires an intimate experience, not just mechanical hardcore moves.

Another fact you should consider: even if you’ve been trained by previous partners to avoid deep penetration, it doesn’t mean your current lover also hates it. Some women experience pain or even bleeding during deep thrusting, so they become hesitant of trying it again. But these negative aspects of it come from making some serious mistakes you will NEVER do – because I’m here to guide you.

So as usual, communication is key. Stop presuming what she wants and start experimenting with deep penetration – she probably thinks about it all the time, even if she never says anything. Remember, women watch porn as well.

Why does deep penetration feel so good for her?

First of all, it’s VERY erotic. Any woman would get seriously turned on at the sight of her lover’s penis filling her vagina completely. Plus, the powerful movements flatter your masculinity and make her see you as a sex God.

Second of all, you need to know that deep into her vagina there are two very sensitive spots that you may be able to stimulate if you venture into the art of deep thrusting. One of them is the A-spot, which is located along the front wall of the vagina, near the cervix. A lot of women achieve powerful orgasms when this particular spot is stimulated during deep penetration.

The second “magical spot” is located along the back wall of the vaginal canal, close to the anal wall.

Are you big enough down there?

As every man out there, you probably believe you need to have a huge penis in order to enjoy deep penetration with your lover and reach all of those magical spots. The truth is, it doesn’t matter how big your penis is but what you do with it. There are a lot of ways you can make your woman feel so filled by your penis that she couldn’t imagine wanting another man inside her – if you want to discover them, check-out my amazingly hot program called “Bigger and Deeper”!

Help your lady enjoy deep penetration and experience powerful orgasms

There are always ways of making good sex even better – and this is especially true when we discuss deep penetration. Read on to find out how not to make her uncomfortable and how to increase pleasure for both of you.

You can go deep and soft at the same time

Deep penetration doesn’t have to be rough. Starting with sensual deep thrusting will give you the opportunity to discover your lady’s preferences. If she experiences pain or any type of discomfort, you need to be aware of it. Many women don’t admit they are in pain during sex because they don’t want to “ruin the act” but what this does is disrupting your connection.

Start slowly and ask her how it feels. Remember, soft deep thrusting can be incredibly erotic and orgasmic.

Stop and focus on foreplay if necessary

If you notice your girl isn’t wet enough, don’t insist with hardcore penetration thinking that it’s going to make her wet. She needs more foreplay. If you want to help her enjoy deep penetration, you want to make sure she’s really wet down there. Use your oral skills and keep lube on hand.

Use pillows to get deeper

Most sex positions will get even better if you use pillows to lift her butt. Putting a pillow under her butt, stomach or hips, depending on the position you’re experiencing with, will help you get deep and stimulate those sensitive spots without effort. Both of you will feel even more pleasure than usual, so find new ways of playing with those pillows. Also, try to use memory foam pillows – regular ones are okay too, but the memory ones don’t compress which helps you maintain your favorite position for longer.

Don’t do this…

Never put your pleasure before her safety. Men experience unbelievable pleasure during deep penetration, so sometimes they are tempted to keep thrusting even harder and deeper, even if their partner’s moans change in a way that expresses pain and not pleasure. Always consider that a lot of women suffer from endometriosis, a condition which makes sex a very painful experience. I strongly advise you to check with your partner every time you change the position or the rhythm of thrusting to make sure she feels 100% pleasure and no pain at all.

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S.: Baby, deep penetration is a form of art and you can become the master. If you want to learn more about how to make your woman feel like you’re HUGE inside of her, check out my program – “Bigger and Deeper”!

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