5 essential steps to give her intense breast orgasms

5 essential steps to give her intense breast orgasms

Breast orgasms are real and 29% of the women who participated in a study made just a few years ago confirm this exciting theory. The explanation is pretty simple: touching her nipple triggers the same area of the brain as touching her clitoris does. So, when you play with her boobs not only you make her seriously WET, but you can also build sexual tension until she reaches climax – no penetration needed.

Still, your partner might be skeptical about this one. Women who have never had a breast orgasm don’t believe it’s possible. And as the study shows, less than half experience it. Well, I want every woman to be able to enjoy this fascinating experience, and I want you to help me make it possible.

Nipple orgasm hasn’t happened to your lady yet because neither of you has tried enough. Sure, every couple engages in some boob-play activity, but you probably treat it as foreplay to penetration. Which is great – but it has the potential to become much more than that. The word that comes to my mind is “orgasmic”.

If you truly want to get serious about nipple play, I recommend this HOT program called “Boobgasms” – it offers step-by-step breast pleasuring techniques women crave. You’ll become a master in no time!

Now let’s talk about the essential steps of building breast arousal and making that breast-gasm as real as it can be.

Create a sensual atmosphere

Boobs are hot. And amazing. And beautiful. So set the scene for an experience that makes your woman feel sexy and desired instead of awkward and vulnerable. While many women love their breasts, others have a zillion of concerns related to size, shape, nipple aesthetics, and so on. Help her get her mind off that.

Light up some candles, wear a sexy masculine perfume, put on some sensual music she likes (I enjoy Sade). Believe it or not, these little details can make or break your orgasmic boob session. Also, make sure to incorporate some massage oil as well. You will need it later on.

Breathe together

While the music plays in the background, unbutton her shirt and kiss her gently. Now she’s topless. Put your hands on her chest and do some breathing exercises together. Breathe in, breathe out and breathe deeply. It might sound weird, but it will be very pleasing as she’ll become incredibly relaxed – which makes it possible for her to reach breast climax.

Tease her. A LOT.

The secret to breast orgasm is building sexual tension as much as you can. Most women who have experienced it say they need at least 20 minutes of boob play in order to reach climax. So, you NEED to take your time.

Grab that oil I mentioned earlier (could be raw coconut oil as it smells delicious) and put some between her boobs and on her stomach. Her belly area is extremely sensitive and somehow connected to her genitals (especially the belly button). Now start massaging her stomach using gentle moves, sensually reaching her rib cage and making your way between her breasts. She’ll want you to touch her breasts at this point (you’ll want that too), but don’t do it. You want to tease her as much as you can until you make her wet – and until her nipples get HARD. By not touching the area she wants you to touch the most, you create some serious sexual tension. Featherlike touches and even sensual kisses on the neck (while she can smell your sexy perfume) will make her moan and beg you to reach the hot spot.

You can touch her breasts now

After more than 10 minutes of teasing, you can finally touch her “girls”. First, use your index finger to slowly circle her breasts. Then start massaging them without being rough and without touching her nipples. This is a good strategy of building anticipation and making her breasts CRAVE that intense stimulation. Even if she begs for more, don’t give it to her yet.

After a few minutes, it’s time to get to nipple arousal. You now have access to the entire boob, but don’t be too generous just yet. Touch her nipples gently, maintaining a sexy level of tease. Explore the entire boob area with patience, like an experimented fanatic. She’ll love it!

Pinch & Roll

At this point, her entire boob is aroused, which means you can get to heavy business without creating discomfort – and by heavy business, I mean pinching. Pinch her nipples firmly at the root to release oxytocin, that feel-good hormone which increases arousal and makes her feel closer to you. Alternate soft pinching with hard pinching and then get to the orgasmic move: start rolling the nipple between your thumb and your index finger. Alternate pressure from lighter to very strong until she reaches orgasm.

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S.: Boob play is extremely fun and pleasurable for your lady if you know how to take your time and build anticipation. If you want to learn more in-depth techniques on breast orgasm, I recommend you check out this program called “Boobgasms”. It contains precious information on how to prepare your lady for sexy HOT boob action and how to pleasure her twins the way she wants you to.

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