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Ways to make her feel more aroused

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Ways to make her feel more aroused

Ways to make her feel more aroused

“Love is an ice cream sundae, with all the marvelous coverings. Sex is the cherry on top.” – Jimmy Dean

Getting her turned on can be a lot trickier than flicking a mental switch. My tips will help you put her in a randy mood. One of the best finales to a woman’s day is a sack session. But even if she’s craving nooky, it can be hard to transition from work more to sex mode. Men have a biological ability to zero in on a task and block out all else, whereas women often find it difficult to disengage from job responsibilities and get aroused. That’s why you may be ready for action way before she’s reached a boiling point. Try these moves (one or all!) to help her reach a sexy frame of mind by the time she gets together with you.

Step 1. Build up some x-rated anticipation. Set the stage for lust as soon as her workday ends by calling her to tell her you can’t wait to see her. This reorients her mind towards you. Plus, knowing that you’re looking forward to your evening together will amp up her excitement too.

Step 2. Just relax. A key element of turning herself on is tuning in to how her body feels. Go for a walk together and notice the way your feet touch the ground at the same time and the sensation of the wind on your skin. Help her take in every sound, sight, and scent. Or simply invite her to stretching her arms and legs when she gets home. Women build up tension during the workday that can impede arousal.

Step 3. Take a steamy shower. Stepping into a cascade of H2O has a slew of passion payoffs. The heat calms her and soothes her muscles, and feeling clean can boost her sexual confidence because she won’t worry she smells less than fresh. Showering is also a mental cue that signifies she’s washing away stress. Massage in shower gel using a loofah to stimulate her skin. And have her angle her body so the stream of water lands on her below-the-belt bits, allowing her to enjoy the erotic sensation. After toweling off, rub on a lotion scented with vanilla (which many people find sensual) or jasmine (which is thought to trigger the release of endorphins).

Step 4. Set the mood. To create a romantic ambience in your pad, dim the lights or use candles, and have her recline on a bed, couch or armchair. Her posture has probably been rigid for hours. Now it’s time to completely let go. Have her close her eyes and breathe deeply. This increases blood flow, speeding up arousal. With each inhalation, she’ll imagine sensual vibes entering her body; as she exhales, she’ll envision stress exiting.

Step 5. Savor her. Acknowledging the sparks between you has a powerful erotic impact. As soon as she walks through the door, check her out from head to toe, and then give her a lingering smooch. Kiss for at least three seconds. It’s just long enough to establish a romantic dynamic and feel very connected. Booty bonus: your saliva contains testosterone, which can transfer to her while making out and jack up her libido.

Step 6. Thrill her taste buds. Pour her some vino; it relaxes her and feels so elegant to sip from a delicate wineglass. (Heads up: more than one glass can dampen lust.) Also, sample small portions of intensely flavored foods – an exotic cheese, spicy chorizo, a piece of good quality dark chocolate – to fire up desire. Stimulating her taste buds has a domino effect that engages all her other senses. If you’re having dinner, sit side by side instead of facing each other. You’ll subconsciously become extra aware of your chemistry. That may lead to your skipping dessert in favor of heading to the real treat of the night.

Have a sexy week,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. Surprising libido lifter: the odor of a chemical in male sweat can amp up arousal. So give her a long hug.

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