This is a story about multiple orgasms! They happen, here’s how!



This is a story about multiple orgasms! They happen, here’s how!

“The difference between sex and love is that sex relieves tension and love causes it.” – Woody Allen

Thought you’d tried everything? I’ve uncovered eight positions that are best for female orgasm. Warning: these moves are seriously hot.

Reverse cowgirl side-saddle

Lie on your back with your knees bent and your legs apart. Have her get on top with her back towards you – but rather than straddling you, she should keep one leg between yours, with one hand on your chest and the other on your shin. She can then rock back and forth or up and down at whatever speed she likes.

Why it’s good: This one might take a bit of practice to get right, but persevere because it’s great for deep penetration.

The vixen

While she sits on a sturdy table, you stand facing her with your arms around her lower back. She should brace her hands against the tabletop to support herself as you slowly raise her right leg and prop it on your left shoulder. Then you can either hold her close against you, or she can lean back. For a slightly less acrobatic version, she can tilt her pelvis up and wrap her legs around your waist.

Why it’s good: It’s perfect for G-Spot stimulation!

Front-row seat

While she lies on her back and raises her legs up and over her head as far as they will comfortably go, you should squat on top of her (once she’s suitably stable), slide in, and then lean forward and thrust inside her. As she gets close to climaxing, you can lean forward to rest your weight on your hands on either side of her head, to deepen penetration. It’s naughty, but oh-so-very nice!

Why it’s good: This makes the most of every inch of your penis, and it gives easy access for your partner to caress your perineum.

The missionary mix-up

She does all the work here – but she gets plenty of rewards! While you lie back on the floor, leaning against a sofa or bed for support, she straddles you with one leg between your legs and the other to one side. She should rest her hands on the floor to help her to control her bouncing. You can assist by putting your hands on her hips to help her move up and down if she starts to feel tired.

Why it’s good: She’s in control and can set the pace of thrusting, as well as grind against your thigh. You also get easy access to caress her breasts and bum in between thrusts.

The jellyfish

Kneel down while she crouches over your lap facing you. With your arms around each other for support, work up a rocking motion, moving apart and together in unison.

Why it’s good: The angle is just right for deep or shallow penetration. And her breasts will also move against your chest, giving both of you extra stimulation.

The skier

You lie on a bed with your bum at the edge of the mattress and legs in the air. She should start by lying on top of you with her back against your chest, her pelvis above yours. Then she should slide on top of you. She should gradually sit up and lean forward, taking it slow to make sure she doesn’t bend you in the wrong way. Once she’s sitting up, she should slowly lower her legs to the floor then rock back and forth as desired. You need to keep your legs raised the whole time, allowing easy access for her to reach between her legs to stroke your penis and balls. If this proves too tough on your thighs then you can rest your legs against her back.

Why it’s good: It’s great for targeting her G-Spot because she can angle you wherever she wants. And she can limit penetration levels too.

Crossed wires

It might sound tricky, but this one is surprisingly easy. She should lie on her back while you lie across her to make a cross. You then put one leg between her legs and the other one on top, and slide inside. She should flex and release her pelvic-floor muscles to heighten sensation for both of you. Because of the unusual angle, it’s worth using lube to ensure the friction works the right way.

Why it’s good: This position exposes the sensitive clitoral hood, enabling either of you to stimulate it easily. 

The bookshelf

Have her stand in front of a wall and place her hands against it. Stand behind and slide into her as she raises one leg up until her thigh is resting against her torso. From here she can deepen penetration by pushing against the wall to squeeze herself back against you.

Why it’s good: Her muscles will tighten as she raises her leg into position, meaning increased friction for both of you.

Have a sexy week,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. If both you and your partner are athletically inclined, you’ll find these positions easy and very satisfying.

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