Tantra, Yoga and Your Daily Rituals



Tantra, Yoga and Your Daily Rituals

While tantra is a kind of yoga in and of itself, your daily tantric practices can benefit immensely from implementing other forms of yoga as well. In my humble opinion, the best daily yoga practices are the Salutations. The Salute to the Sun (or the Sun Salutation) is performed in the morning, preferably at dawn. It focuses on movements that bend and stretch you vertically, arching and flexing the spine forward and backward. The Salute to the Moon is done in the evening before bed, or during a brief midnight waking time to help relieve the tension. It bends you from side you side and stretches your lateral edges.

There are many different variations of each which can be practiced with different levels of complexity with a simple set of moves or a more lengthy version (or two, or three) as well as mantras and meditations which can accompany each move. The way you choose to practice the Salutations will depend entirely on your goals and desire for the practice. Do you want yoga to improve your flexibility? Your stamina? Your concentration? Your singing voice? Your health and your mood?

As a tool for focusing and channeling energy, yoga can be incredibly powerful. Think about what you would like to learn by tuning in to the solar energies of the day and the lunar energies of the night.

The Sun

The sun, the ruler of the day, is often (but not always) associated with masculine energy in our ancient mythos. You feel the energy of the sun in your aptly named solar plexus. It is the energy of your will, your path in life, the road you walk. Starting your day with Sun Salutations can help you cement daily practice as an integral part of your life. Use this time in the morning to make a plan together for the day and decide on division of labor, chores, meals but also some sexy time together!

The Moon

The mistress of the night is typically associated with womanhood and femininity, based on her month-long cycle which matches that of a woman’s menstruation. The moon is associated with intuition, mystery, darkness, revelation and illumination. While the changes of the sun are seasonal and based on cycles which are noticed best over the long-term observations of the length of the days, the cycles of the moon can be seen changing every day as it waxes and wanes, goes dark and reappears again. The forces of the moon are thus more changeable. While our will and our goals are often long-term, the mysteries of life can appear – and disappear – quite suddenly.


One of the greatest opportunities you will be given during daily practice is to practice deep gratitude. What is it in your life that makes you feel truly grateful? Spend some time dwelling on this as you stretch your body in the morning when you first wake, and in the evening when you wake from your slumber long enough to enjoy your lover. Deep gratitude should be shared, so give to your lover all your love and grace, so you can be grateful together.


Take your pick of sequences from the dozens of lessons available online. There are many videos free to watch or download, along with articles and further descriptions on the chakra associations, mantras, meditations and movements that can accompany the basic prayers to the sun and the moon.

What do you ask of the sun? Seek strength, stamina, drive and determination. Pray for guidance on the road of life and smooth passage during the day’s light. Ask that your seeds may be sown, sprout, grow strong and reap delicious fruits!

What do you ask of the moon? Go in search of mystery and devotion, love and emotion. Pray for connection to the divine and answers from the ancestors. Ask that you may be connected to nature, that your dreams bring you insight into the mysteries beyond the known universe and let it inspire your love life! Don’t go back to sleep without bringing your lover a little bit of mystery.

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