Put the O in phone



Put the O in phone

“Humans are the only animals who can have sex over the phone” – David Letterman

It will check your Facebook and book you a holiday. Now your mobile can give you an orgasm and a better sex life, too. Your smartphone is 2012’s answer to the Rabbit, and it’s about to revolutionize how you have sex. From apps that show you what to do with your partner when you are both naked, to online sex shops, this is the future of your love life.

Your phone as a… Sex Coach

You’ve got your woman, now what? How about free app Adult Truth or Dare, which asks questions such as, “What girl here would you most like to cover in honey and lick from head to toe?” and dares like, “Lose three items of clothing (shoes and socks don’t count).”

It’s great to play with your partner, all psychologists agree on this. It teases out stories you’ve never heard before, and builds sexual suspense. And since you can also add your own questions and dares, you can sneakily personalize it to get whatever else you want, for example a massage or the blowjob of your life.

But why stop here? No matter how good you think you are in bed, you can always get better. The free Android apps that contain sex tips for couples can teach you a thing or two or, better yet, you can use your phone to log onto gabriellemoore.com to fill in the blanks, sex wise, and find out tricks on what to do or say to always keep your partner satisfied, including reminders of what she needs in bed, like ego boosting compliments.

 Your phone as an… Erotic Read

Women take 20 minutes longer than men to get aroused, you know that. Moreover, the female mind gets more fired up reading a story and having to work to visualize the scene, than by passively watching porn. So get a head start by reading together a racy book before you hook up. Literotica.com has thousands of free erotic stories. Pick whatever tickles your fancy, from first-time flings to sci-fi sex. At cliterati.co.uk real people post their own fantasies- you can even have a go at writing a few yourselves. Start stoking her fire by sending her a message with a story you think she might like so you’re perfectly in sync by the time you both get home. Her libido is like a muscle that grows bigger when you flex it – so the more she thinks about sex, the more she’ll want it.

Your phone as a… Libido Stroker

While you’re teasing yourselves with a few sexy scenarios, get even more excited by starting a saucy photo shoot (don’t do anything dodgy with the photos though, otherwise she will never agree to do it again). Up the tension by taking photos of your partner at various stages of a striptease, she’ll feel sexier and more desired seeing you get constantly harder and wilder at the view of her gorgeous body. On a side note, I cannot stress more the importance of… viewer discretion. When you take naked pictures of either your partner or yourself with your phone, store the images in a password protected “secret” folder. Also, think carefully about who you send them too. Once they’re released into cyberspace, they become the property of the recipients to do with them as they please. And if you’re someone who continuously misplaces his phone, step away now!

Your phone as a… Pocket Kamasutra

Sex Positions #2 is a free Android app on Google Play that suggests 140 sex positions for daring couples – and it’s accessible online. For iPhone users, try Art of Sex, which not only features sex positions but also a game of dice – so you can leave it up to fate to decide how your night plays out.

Have a spectacular week,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. Some might go as far as considering using the “vibrating” powers of the phone as well. My recommendation: don’t go there. For that kind of below the belt job, use a real vibrator. It’s cleaner and… more effective.

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