Signs your hookup is becoming more serious



Signs your hookup is becoming more serious

There are more signs than one which convey that a casual fling has taken a serious turn.

A while back, a friend found her soul mate on a dating site. The couple, now happily married, has moved to London. However, she admits, she wasn’t looking for a serious relationship. How did that happen? If you are casually dating, look for these signs that indicate if your fling is taking a turn into the serious zone.

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It may have started out as a fling, but gradually, if she has begun to take a keen interest in your life, it’s an indication that she is perhaps looking for something more. When casual partners start divulging important and personal details to each other, they establish trust, and a high level of openness and clarity. This is a sign that they are leaning towards the relationship zone.


Usually, when two people are looking at a casual relationship, their messages are limited, and of a certain kind. If the frequency of texts goes up, and their nature changes, it is evident that she is trying to get to know you as a person. When a couple grows close, the communication is fluid, and there’s an openness about what they are seeking from each other and the sex is naturally great. However, there are times in relationships, especially casual ones, when sex is good, but there isn’t compatibility. While seeking a serious relationship, people tend to consider other things as well as the sex, which is usually not the case with a fling that begins on just casual sex and graduates towards something more serious. Such relationships tend to face a lot more turmoil than others.


Eager to meet her for a thoughtful conversation? Or, catch a movie together? You could be heading towards the relationship zone. Couples who meet only for casual sex or relationships have made up their minds about what they do and do not want from their arrangement. However, when they begin to realize that purely having sex isn’t enough for them, and want more, it is then that the internal switch happens. When people progress from casual hook-ups towards a long-term relationship, it is more of a personal expectation. It’s not possible to hook-up with deep involvement. When people are a constant fixture in each other’s lives, we call it strings attached. A one-sided relationship is toxic and dangerous.


Agree or not, having sex without emotional comfort isn’t a welcoming thought for many. Casual dating challenges this notion. When you break free from the mould, and turn yourself in for a real relationship, you’d notice a sudden comfort envelop your sexual space. When you’re just hooking-up, the sex will inevitably start to become monotonous. But when it gets serious, everything in the relationship changes. Sex becomes organic and better, and you feel more connected. There’s more that you can talk and share, and you connect on an emotional level as well. You are interested in each other more than before. When you start spending time with somebody, who you’ve been meeting only for sex, you naturally get closer to them and even become vulnerable. When casual partners divulge personal details, there is a level of trust, and a high level of openness and clarity that can’t be experienced in a casual dating scenario.

What if one of the partners wants to take the fling to the next level, while the other one isn’t ready?

Couples try to sail through this Bermuda triangle of relationships, but not many emerge victorious. I advise people to discuss the issue at length before getting involved, even if it is a fling. Discuss with her about your decision to be casually involved. Tell your partner if you’re not ready for emotional strings. Ask her and tell her about any short term or long term relationship goals you have in mind. Actions truly speak louder than words; make your gestures clear, and don’t lead your partner on.

There are a number of reasons that can make one partner get emotionally attached to the other like similarities in personality traits and attitudes; physical and emotional arousal; social influences; to name a few. Make it a point to steer away from these if you know exactly what you are looking for in the equation.

It is natural for one partner to be more inclined to a serious commitment than the other. However, it is imperative that both are on the same page if heartbreaks are to be avoided. In several relationships, one partner falls for the other, and it can be tough. Hence, it is important to ensure that your emotional journey, in any relationship, graduates simultaneously. Being on the same page is important.

Hot embraces,

Gabrielle Moore

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