6 Sex Moves You Need to Do More

6 Sex Moves You Need to Do More

When it comes to sex, we tend to do the same moves over and over again. They have worked well to get our partners turned on in the past, so why change what isn’t broken? Well, there is a very good reason why you should be changing things up. You need to keep things interesting and different in order to keep your sex life exciting and satisfying for both you and your partner. There are many amazing sex moves that for some reason we only use every once in awhile, when we should be incorporating them into our regular routine. If you have a lot of different moves in your sexual tool belt, it’s a lot less likely that either one of you will ever be bored.

Here are the top moves you need to incorporate in order to keep her interested:

1. Making out – This is something you probably did with your partner a lot when you first met. Most couple spend a lot of time kissing at first but then at some point they stop doing it so much. It’s a shame because kissing does a lot of wonderful things for a couple. It increases the release of the love hormone, oxytocin, which increases intimacy and loving feelings. It’s a huge turn on for most people, especially women. So, bottom line, don’t skip out on the kissing. Kiss her during foreplay. Kiss her passionately right before you both leave for work that day and leave her with something to fantasize about all day.

2. Oral Sex – The simple fact of the matter is that men don’t give enough oral sex. Oral sex can be a fantastic way to get things going during foreplay, but it feels so darn good that you should probably just finish what you started down there. Even if you’re just trying to get her warmed up for vaginal sex, remember that a big percentage of women don’t orgasms from penetrative sex. The best thing you can do is let her finish. Give her an amazing orgasm through oral sex and you’ll leave her tingling and wet for round 2.

3. Missionary sex – Missionary often gets a bad rep because there is so much emphasis on different sexual positions out there, but missionary is one of the best underrated sex moves out there. Intimacy between you and your partner is at an all time high with this position. Your bodies are pressed up against each other, you can look into each other’s eyes and kiss passionately. Not to mention the fact that this position naturally provides great clitoral stimulation. There is a reason why it is the standard position. Don’t overlook this one next time you’re having sex.

4. Use your hands – TOUCH her. Some guys get so caught up in the amazing stimulation of sex on their genitals that they forget to touch their partners a lot. Run your hands through her hair, run them over her body and let her know that you just can’t keep your hands to yourself. This feels amazing for her and it also sends a clear message that you really love touching her and that her body turns you on, which is a great ego boost for her as well.

5. Speaking of hands… – Another move that you need to do more often is make her orgasm using only your hand. This is a great way to learn about how she likes being touched down there without the distraction of other sex organs getting in the way. You will learn the speed, type of touch and pressure that your partner loves. Plus, just like oral sex, it will leave her feeling amazing and she will be all wet and warmed up for sex afterward. Or you can just satisfy her, give her a big kiss, say goodnight and roll over. She will be so floored and thrilled with your giving attitude that I’m sure she will thinking of ways to thank you the whole next day!

6. Just the tip – The entrance of the vagina is full of wonderful nerve endings that feel amazing when stimulated. That’s why it feels especially great when a man penetrates a woman and then pulls out completely and then penetrates her again. This gives her that amazing sensation of having those nerve endings stimulated over and over again. Speed isn’t important here, so don’t feel the need to go at it like a jack rabbit. Slow and steady wins the race.

Gabrielle Moore

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