The fierce sex every couple should try



The fierce sex every couple should try

“Sex keeps me in shape. I don’t diet, I eat what I like. I love Mars bars and I smoke and drink. But I love running off in the middle of the day to make love. It really burns up calories.” – Lisa Snowdon

It sounds insane, but werewolf action, inspired by WILFs (that’s werewolf I’d like to, well, you know) on shows like Teen Wolf, taps in to the selfish sexual needs we all have but rarely indulge. It may be slightly taboo, but it’s also crazy satisfying.

Think about the werewolves you’ve seen in movies – they’re hungry beasts who will stop at nothing to get what they desire. At the core, the sex they have is all about embracing their basic animal instincts, which requires them to be selfish and focus on their needs. While the vampire MO is to seduce their targets, werewolf sex is primal, and it mimics the frisky behavior of real wolves in the wild.

During wolf breeding season, the female releases sex hormones that indicate to the male that she’s ready, and the two will mate frantically several times a day. Human sexperts say there’s an enormous pleasure payoff to be had by channeling the mind-set of both wolves and werewolves. Here’s how it’s done.

Greed is good

Think: A crucial component of this sex style is being stingy with pleasure – you want to get it, not give it. When you’re really aroused, you’re reduced to an infantile level. You don’t want to be bothered with anything except your own needs. Embracing this switch from considerate to selfish is the basis for some really great sex. And don’t worry about your partner – she’s going to get off no matter what. It doesn’t take much to make a woman orgasm, if she senses you’re really horny and want to have her right then and there, so even if you’re selfish, she’s still going to feel satisfied. Plus, when you make it clear that you’re doing you, she’ll follow suit… and when both people are after their own pleasure, it’s pretty intense.

Unleash your inner horndog

You have to go into this encounter so turned on that you don’t give a toss about anything or anyone else. Otherwise, the experience loses its raw edge. Tell her to ravage you like never before. Being so demanding adds a layer of erotic danger to the whole thing. Many women report that being with a hungry partner who knows how to ask for what he wants is a great way to get in the mood. Another technique is to have a trigger fantasy (which is basically one that will get you hot in a flash) you can call to mind. With your mind teeming with naughty thoughts, you’re primed for a wild time.

Take her down

Last, you need to work the spontaneity factor. Seduction and lengthy foreplay – it’s all a lot of effort, one that you and your partner should both make regularly… just not this time. That’s because it civilizes the encounter, which doesn’t jibe with the feral, gritty vibe of werewolf sex. Think like an actual wolf pair: when they experience even the slightest twinge, they’re on each other like white on rice. This kind of sex cannot be planned. Grab your partner whenever you feel a flicker of desire, and push her into your favorite position, touch yourself, thrust her head between your legs – whatever it takes to make sure you get yours.

Have a wild week,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. Warning: this kind of sex cannot be done unless you’re absolutely sure your partner has the open mind to share the same amount of excitement and passion. Otherwise sparks of the negative kind might appear. To discover more advanced tips and techniques about increasing female libido CLICK HERE NOW!

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