Secrets of female arousal



Secrets of female arousal

“The most desired gift of love is not diamonds or roses or chocolate. It’s focused attention.”

No matter how well you think you know your way around a woman’s body, you can’t completely bliss her out until you clue in to these little-known pleasure principles. Allow me to explain. A woman’s body doesn’t always send blatant arousal signals. In fact, sometimes her triggers and responses can be downright subtle. That doesn’t mean they don’t count, however. Being aware of the slightest physiological changes that she’s experiencing during sex is crucial to intensifying it for her. The more you know, the more you can please her.

Since I’m sure you want to make that happen, I’ve spelled out a couple of things you might not know about female pleasure – from the spot she really needs you to touch more frequently to the very surprising way she judges how good the experience is for you. Once you clue in to these sexual truths, you’ll be able to satisfy her like never before.

She wants you to linger on her nipples

I have often pointed out that a woman’s nipples are loaded with nerves and that they deserve as much love as you can possibly give them. And they are absolutely crucial to her pleasure, with a plethora of studies showing that nipple stimulation not only enhance her arousal but also spark it. That’s because when they are stroked, the muscles surrounding her headlights stiffen and her blood vessels swell, creating a ripple effect throughout her body. Just don’t wait for her to request hot nip action: only a mere 17 per cent of women are comfortable flat-out asking for it. So take matters into your own hands… or mouth. Begin by stroking the area with the tip of your fingers. Then graduate to a gentle pinch before licking, nibbling, and slightly sucking each nipple. Any time you vary the pressure of stimulation, it keeps nerve endings on high alert, which provides a pleasurable sensation.

Her perineum begs to be stroked

It might not be the sexiest stretch of real estate on her body, but the perineum (that smooth space between her vagina and anus) is one of her hottest properties. It shares the same branch of nerves as her penis, but it’s often ignored by men, making it even more sensitive. Probe it too suddenly though and you could freak her out. Instead, do it during missionary. After you enter her, reach between her legs and tease it, applying pressure with the flat surface of your thumb or the knuckle of your index finger and move in little circles, then switch to counterclockwise, up and down. The more pressure, the more pleasure.

She craves carnal compliments early on

In the first few minutes of intercourse, she’s feeling intensely passionate, which is why she may look in utter awe of you. But she’s also feeling vulnerable and craves feedback. Tell her how sexy her breasts look or how amazing you feel inside her. Compliments are most likely to register at this stage, since her mind hasn’t yet been kidnapped by the nearing of orgasm.

She has an unexpected hot spot

During foreplay, there are little erogenous zones that you likely lavish with attention all the time – her lips, neck, maybe even her earlobes. But every woman has one erotic body part that’s rarely explored, and believe it or not, it’s her nose. Next to her lips, her nose contains more nerve endings than any other part of her face. The tissue is rich in blood vessels and nerve endings and is highly receptive to stimulation. Her nasal passages, in particular, mimic the tissues found in her clitoris. In other words, the more you stroke that sucker, the more you will increase her circulation down below. Now, I’m not saying you have to be all up in her nostrils. Simply kissing and gently nibbling on the tip is enough. Or try tracing your finger from your partner’s nose down to her abdomen and vagina and then back to the nose. This creates a sexual circuit that awakens her entire body.

The longer she lasts, the deeper her climax

While she’s deep in the throes of passion all her physiological symptoms – increased heart rate, heavier breathing, muscular tension – are at peak levels, and she instinctively wants to come. But the longer you keep her in this stage, the more powerful her orgasm will be. To help her do just that, keep an eye on her to see when she’s about to reach the brink, then stop or chose another sex position to delay her orgasm. This can be incredibly erotic for a woman. She’s not registering that you’re trying to stave her off. She just feels an ebb and flow, and each wave feels more intense than the last.

Hot embraces,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. As the saying goes, information is power. Use these lush lessons to please her like crazy. And if you’re eager to learn how to rub and caress your woman’s body in every way to get her swooning, soaking, and orgasming with delight, click this link.

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