Make Foreplay Last Longer



Make Foreplay Last Longer

What does foreplay mean to you? A minute of kissing and rubbing before diving in headfirst? Even if you engage in foreplay with your partner, it probably doesn’t last that long. I get it – you want to skip right to the good part… but it won’t be good for either of you if you don’t put in the time to get both of you worked up. It’s like driving a car – if you don’t let it warm up first it’s going to stall. And so will your girl!

Foreplay is an important ingredient of having a satisfying, healthy sex life. It helps you stay connected with your spouse, it allows for sexual exploration, and most of all, it feels good! So here is some advice on how to make foreplay last longer.

Slow it down
Stop rushing. Take your time. This isn’t a race. The first one done does NOT win the prize!

Foreplay should be exactly how it sounds: play. You wouldn’t rush through a game of cops and robbers so stop rushing through licks and fondles. Enjoy yourself. Take a few minutes to give some attention to each of her seven erogenous zones. (Yes, boys, there are seven!)

Focus on the unconventional
I know you wanna go straight to those tried-and-true hotspots (breasts and nether regions) but they’ve been tried and it’s time to think outside the box (pun intended). Kiss and caress her neck, ears and shoulders. Let your hands glide up and down her legs. Give her a foot massage (or take that big leap and go for some foot-oral action). Stray from the norm and see how excited you will both get.

Start earlier
Stop having sex for the few minutes before your heads hit the pillows. Set the PVR to tape the end of the game or her episode of Gossip Girl” and try heading to the bedroom a little earlier. Hopefully you’ll feel less inclined to speed through things.

I hated a guy who had an extremely stressful job and would start dozing by 8pm – all of our sexual escapades were these hurried romps quickly followed by snoring. SO I’d start to titillate and tease around 7pm – even if Family Guy was on he couldn’t ignore my hand sliding down his pants, and before long, foreplay was lasting longer that Stewie’s rants. Switch up your sex routine. Stray from the norm. Be impulsive.

Break out the sex toys
If you’re breezing through foreplay because you’re out of new ways to excite your other half, make foreplay last longer by bringing some toys into the mix. They’ll help you with the exploring, experimenting, and longer-lasting pre-sex fun.

I’m a big fan of vibrators (as are my fellow girls), and they come in all shapes and sizes, providing a wide range of sensations, meaning she won’t tire of it very soon. Handcuffs, blindfolds, and ticklers are also a lot of fun.

Happy lovemaking!

Gabrielle Moore

PS. What other love blunders have you or your friends committed over the years? Share it with me in the comments section.

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