Stop making these wrong assumptions about women



Stop making these wrong assumptions about women

Let’s imagine a little sexy thing like Anna: she has shiny long hair, full lips and she wears a crop top with no bra. She also wears a tight little skirt which shows her toned legs and her perfectly round butt. There’s no doubt: she’s divine.

Every man will look at her with desire in his eyes, but some of these men will also start making assumptions: “She’s way out of my league”, “She probably wants a rich man” or “She’s probably not very smart”. And I get it: we all judge people by appearances every day, it’s just human nature. Stereotypes, while not always fair, are actually a natural social process which helps us interact with people around us. But sometimes, a lot of the times, they stop us from getting what we want.

You miss a lot by judging Anna. You actually don’t know Anna. All you know about her is her appearance, the rest is just assumption — you think she would never share a bed with you just because she’s hotter than the other girls you’ve dated; you think she’s all about the money because she could have any man she wanted; you even go ahead and assume she’s probably not the kind of girl you could converse with about science or art — after all, she’s wearing make-up and long nails, so why would she be interested in other stuff?

But you’re wrong. Here are the most common assumptions men make about women that keep them from getting a girl like Anna or simply experiencing the hottest sex of their lives.

“Women just don’t like sex as much.”

Just because we don’t throw sexual hints at you 5 times a minute and don’t rip your shirt off in public doesn’t mean we like sex less. Women are often just as horny as you, at that same moment, but their hormones make a difference — less testosterone means we can keep our clothes on for longer so that we can evaluate the situation.

Sometimes, women enjoy casual sex just as much as men and they tell me about how good it feels to just let go of everything and fulfil a basic physical need. Other times, women think about a million stuff before deciding that doing it with you is a good idea. They need to feel safe or maybe they just need you to be as emotionally involved as they are. Just because she doesn’t want to have sex right now, doesn’t mean she’s not as crazy about hot sex as you are.

Instead of making assumptions, try to read her body language and understand why she is hesitant about your proposition. It could be that she feels the circumstances aren’t right or maybe she has different emotional needs.

“Women don’t like older men.”

Oh, you would be surprised. Of course not all women like older men — but lots of them actually prefer dating someone older and more experienced, for various psychological and emotional reasons. Some women like the idea of learning new things from a man who has simply lived more. They actually get turned on by it. So if you’re middle-aged or older, don’t just assume that your “glory” days are over. You can still enjoy hot sex if you simply judge less and live more.

I know. It’s not always easy to read female signals and discover which one is attracted to you, so if deciphering body language isn’t your greatest ability, maybe you should check out this helpful program created by my friend, Julian Foxx — it’s called “Ageless” and it’s pretty controversial but I believe it could be a win-win for both parties. Give it a chance. Quick note: This was NOT created by me.

“Women only want men with a powerful status.”

This one is very popular in the modern world. Maybe it’s because now we have access to other people’s lives and situations through social media and reality TV shows. But again, to generalize means to lose great opportunities when it comes to interacting with women.

The “myth” actually says that women value men with powerful status, and men value women who are both youthful and attractive. But this misconception was busted by an experimental study which showed that, in real-life speed-dating scenario, when potential dates were rated on their actual (not ideal) qualities, people of both genders equally valued both sets of qualities. So no more judging — just get out there and approach the girl you like.

“Women have orgasm less frequently than men do.”

Scientists have passionately tackled the myth of the big O. So, is it true that women enjoy orgasms much less frequently than you do? Studies show that women are less likely than men to report experiencing orgasms, but this isn’t the whole story, so don’t worry just yet. The other part of the story has to do with a very strong emotional factor that changes the game for women: commitment. When in a committed relationship, women and men experience orgasms with equal frequency. So the secret has to do less with biology and more with psychology. In long-term relationships, men tend to be more attentive to the sexual needs of their partner.

So this is great news. It means that if you are willing to connect with your woman emotionally, you’re much more likely to give her those amazing orgasms she dreams about.

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S.: Darling, count on me to always open your mind both erotically and emotionally, so you have better chances of improving your pleasuring techniques. And especially if you’re older, it doesn’t mean that you suddenly can’t experiment with the intensity of crazy and young sex. Check out this controversial program created by Julian Foxx, called “Ageless” — I hear it contains some great advice for you. Quick note: this programme was NOT created by me.

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