How not to bore your girl in bed



How not to bore your girl in bed

“I swear to you I won’t stop until your legs are shaking and the neighbors know my name”

I once heard a stand-up comedian say, “Sex with the same person is like eating the same type of cereal all the time – boring”. For starters, anyone who can compare sex to eating cereal has never had great sex. Sex that can be likened to a box of cornflakes lacks emotional and spiritual intensity. But the comedian was right in one sense – careless sex does get boring when it’s focused on fulfilling physical urges instead of accomplishing intense intimacy. If you are having sex only to gratify your sexual appetite, then sex is just like cereal – a dry, sugary substitute to a hot meal. And your partner will feel that. If you want to make sure she’s pleased in the sack, you will have to keep things interesting. Read on for tips on how to do it.

Switch up the sequence

Nothing bores a woman between the sheets like a mechanical mattress routine. You know the drill. First you kiss her, then you touch her right boob, then you move south for 2.5 minutes, then you have sex. It’s so predictable! To avoid putting her to sleep with a sex-by-numbers habit, you need to change the order. When a woman knows what’s next, she will space out and detach from the experience. If she doesn’t know what’s coming though, she will be totally in the moment. So next time have a full-on makeout session right after intercourse. Or stop midsex, give her some oral loving, then get back to business. Bringing an element of uncertainty into your sexual relationship can be rejuvenating and powerful. It reawakens your curiosity about each other, gives you courage to try new things, and builds confidence. Think of it as an adventure, and forge ahead into uncertainty when you or your partner feels out of balance.

Take it outside

The bedroom is a convenient and comfortable place to get busy, but it can get a little old. Thankfully, there are other places that deserve to be christened. There’s an element of danger when you take sex outside of the bedroom. Even in your own home, there’s this sense that someone might walk in on you at any moment, which heightens the excitement. So instead of racing to bed the next time you are eager to get it on, test the sturdiness of your kitchen counter instead. Or move to the bathroom and enjoy stand-up sex in the shower. If you’re an adventure-seeker, you can even go for a drive and then pull over for roadside action.

Make it all about her

Show your partner how into her you are by devoting an entire night just to pleasing every inch of her body. When the focus is all on her and she doesn’t have to do any of the work, she will relax and completely surrender to the sensations, which will allow her more intense pleasure. Not only that, it also shows her that you get off on getting her off, making you look like a selfless sexual stud. Try loosely tying her up so she knows you are serious about taking care of everything.

Indulge in quickies

The whole marathon-sex, hours-of-lovemaking thing is nice and all, but sometimes you just want to wham-bam and be done. When you have fast, urgent sex at the spur of the moment, it makes the woman feel like she is so irresistible you must have her right then, and that is incredibly arousing. There’s also something naughty about getting busy without any of the intimacy you might normally have with your partner. To make your quickie really exciting, I suggest leaving most of your clothes on. It says “I want you so badly that I can’t even take the time to rip off that skirt”.

Hot embraces,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. Sex with the same person gets boring only if the couple allows the relationship to get boring. Emotional and spiritual intimacy makes for sex that never gets old. Also check out my latest program Vagina Masterclass where you will discover the perfect tools for liberating the female orgasm.

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