Tantric Spirituality and the God-Connection



Tantric Spirituality and the God-Connection

“There is no god higher than truth.”
– Mahatma Gandhi

I know that “god” can be a tricky concept to discuss in mixed company, but it is an important part of Tantric theory and practice, so I want to take a few minutes to share some interesting beliefs on the subject.

God-Hunger and the Crown

According to traditional theories of human needs and desires, “god-hunger” is that sensation, when all our physical, emotional and mental needs are met, which drives us to seek out explanations for that which we by definition cannot understand. It can be hard for us to reconcile this desire within our rational minds.

Even if you belong to an organized religion, finding a place to fit Tantra within its boundaries can be a difficult and confusing process… but science doesn’t lie. Studies have reliably shown that prayer, meditation and musing on the divine actually changes the brain, lighting up the parts that control focus and concentration while shutting down the center of the brain that controls individualization and leaves us feeling separate from everyone else. Wouldn’t you love to find a way to feel more connected and in tune with your lover?

Transcendental Meditation

Finding a happy, quiet place in your mind is the first step to making Tantra a physical reality. Meditation can take some time to get used to, so start slow and take it a few minutes at a time, working your way up to a good ten to fifteen minutes a day.

The easiest way to make meditation a daily practice is to create safe space for yourself inside your mind. Sitting quietly and comfortably, try using some kind of “dropping down” metaphor, like an elevator or a set of stairs, a magic carpet or a floating cloud, visualizing yourself going down, down, down deep into your subconscious. You will know when you reach the bottom of this journey, and there you will find a door. When you open the door, inside you will find your special place, a place of calm and peace.

This place can be anything you imagine it to be – a quiet field, a verdant valley, a still lake, a rushing stream or waterfall, a beach by the ocean, a humid jungle, a snowy mountain, a dark damp cave… anything that allows you to feel calm and peaceful inside. In this place you can begin to explore your own mind and your ideas about the universe. Allow images and ideas to come to you and let them pass with conscious mindfulness.

Truth and Illusion

What is truth? Open and honest communication is often touted as the pinnacle of relationship rightness, but it can be hard balancing honesty with understanding and compassion. How do you know when you are speaking the truth and when you are simply spouting your own opinions? In Hindu mythology, Maya (Illusion) is personified as a young maiden shrouded in gauzy veils, she who obscures the truth and weaves the twisted web of life.

In your place of peace, imagine your wife as this maiden, shrouded in veils which cloud your vision and keep her partially hidden from you. Think of any problems you may be having in your relationship or your ability to communicate with her. In your mind’s eye, think about each layer of the problem as one layer of her veils. First consider your own thoughts on the problem and watch as she pulls back one of the veils, and then consider her thoughts as she pulls back the next. Consider your feelings on the subject, then hers as she reveals two more layers. Finally, consider what each of you needs in this situation as she reveals herself fully to you. When she is naked before you in your mind’s eye, muse for a few moments on what new things you have learned, both about yourself and your lover, in this exercise. Return to the real world and allow your imagination to bring the two of you closer together in reality.

When you speak to your partner in life and love, truth is that which serves us both. Talking about your opinions as if they are facts, especially when they do not benefit the situation or improve your relationship with your lover, can do more harm than good. Take the time to learn exactly how your own illusions might be clouding your ability to speak loving truth.

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