Wet and Wild Guide to Water Sex



Wet and Wild Guide to Water Sex

“I write about sex because often it feels like the most important thing in the world.” Jeanette Winterston

One of the hottest fantasies out there is having sex in water. It feels absolutely amazing to be completely naked in water. The wetness and the feeling of it all combined with the taboo nature of doing it in an uncommon place is just really thrilling, but unfortunately water sex doesn’t always end up being all it’s cracked up to be. Even if it feels okay for you, it doesn’t mean that your partner is loving it. Good lubrication is an important part of good sex, but in the water all that slippery goodness just gets washed away and leaves the woman too squeaky clean. Plus most people don’t know that sex submerged underwater actually isn’t good for women at all. So here is how to get all that sexy wetness, while still having great sex.

What You Need To Know

1. If you are having sex in a pool you should know that the chemicals used to keep the pool clean can negatively affect the condom. Same goes for hot water, which you want to consider if you’re in a jacuzzi or bathtub. There hasn’t been enough research done on this to know exactly how much the condom is affected, but do you really want to take that chance? I’m guessing not. You also should be careful because condoms can slip off more easily in water, so make sure that yours stays in place and have a couple extra on hand in case you run into problems.

2. As I mentioned before, lubrication is absolutely necessary for good sex. Water, sadly, just washes all her natural lubrication and any artificial lubrication you might have used, however if you use a silicone lubricant then it won’t wash away as easily with the stream of water (remember we’re not talking about submerged sex here).

3. Water going in and out of her vagina (especially in pools or other public water areas) can cause damage and infection, so again, it’s not a good idea to have sex completely submerged in water.

The Positions

So if you can’t have sex submerged then how can you do it? Here are the wet and wild positions that I recommend:

1. This first position can be used in a variety of different settings. The man lies down on his back in low standing water. Water should only come halfway up his body so that his penis won’t be submerged. This could be a good position for the ocean, the top step of a pool or jacuzzi and even your bathtub if you have enough room and can get the positioning right. You will prop yourself up on your elbows so your head isn’t submerged and to be able to position your body more securely. Your partner will lower down on your penis facing away from you and use your pelvis or thighs to steady herself. You can also try other variations of the woman on top depending on what works for the space you have.

2. This next position is perfect for a pool or jacuzzi. You will stand in the shallow end so that your crotch will line up perfectly with hers as she lies on the edge of the pool with her legs hanging over the edge. She’s straddles you and you do your thing with a great view of her in front of you.

3. Now let’s talk about a few shower positions. Some of us don’t have regular access to a pool, jacuzzi or ocean and even you did, you might not be comfortable having sex out in the elements. Shower sex can be just as hot and with the foreplay of soaping each other up and methodically washing each other you will be dying for it within 5 minutes! Try a standing position facing each other with your back to the stream of water. She will lift one leg and wrap it around your body. You can also try standing doggy style, having her bend over while you take her from behind. In any of these shower positions, try to keep the stream of water from rinsing away the lubrication.

4. Let’s not forget about oral sex. This can be done anywhere, just find the best position that works for you.

5. Finally if you find that water sex is just too difficult to navigate then it still doesn’t mean that you can enjoy water play. Use it as foreplay. Go skinny dipping, making out in the water while letting your slippery bodies slide all over each other. Go down on each other and use that slippery soap to run your hands all over each others’ bodies. Once you can’t handle it anymore, hop out of the water and onto each other!

Have fun getting wet,
Gabrielle Moore

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