Shortcuts to spectacular sex



Shortcuts to spectacular sex

If you’ve been raring to unleash your partner’s inner sex goddess, I have the tips and tricks you need to take your bedroom bonding from cozy to very hot. I’m not suggesting, of course, that you chuck your favorite sex moves forever; but sometimes just the smallest tweaks in your routine can set off smoke alarms. By adding a twist, you take it to the next lusty level — and bring her to her knees. Whether you love kissing or lingering over lots of foreplay, I’ve got the little moves that will turn these coital classics into sizzling new experiences. Scan this list for your favorites; then prepare for your hottest, most intimate night ever!

Make it hotter by giving her an ultralow backrub

To rev her motor while relaxing her, place your fingertips along the sides of her spine, a few inches up from her tailbone. Massage the area in tiny circles. Then gradually lighten your caresses until you’re gently brushing this area with your fingertips. This spot contains a nerve complex that’s directly linked to her genitals. To push her into sensual overload, use massage oil scented with ylang-ylang, a tropical aroma that has a reputation for cranking up the female libido since it’s high in esters, a chemical compound that aids in sexual arousal. This trick is taken from my latest program – Naked U Season 3 – Click here to discover similar ones, perfect for when you need to give your lady the erotic massage she deserves. 

Make it hotter by delving deeper

To give kissing an extra kick, gently suck on her tongue when it enters your mouth. There’s a physical reason tongue tugging does wonders: the tongue muscle actually goes down to the throat, so by sucking on her tongue, you’re indirectly stimulating the muscles in her neck and chest. In essence, you’ll be stimulating a much larger portion of her body.

Make it hotter by teasing her mercilessly

Want her every thought to be of you? Treat her to all-day foreplay. Delaying gratification is an incredible aphrodisiac. It instills the thrill of the chase. The longer you let anticipation build, the more explosive the sex will be. Try gently brushing your naked body against your partner while you’re getting dressed; then promise her more later. Or if she’s at work, get her pulse racing with a blush-worthy email or phone call. You can find this particular techniques, and many more where this cam from, in my newest program – Naked U Season 3. Check it out by clicking this link.

Make it hotter by turning on the lights

Lights turn sex into a visual smorgasbord. Plus, shedding some light on your lovemaking will give you both a better idea of what works in bed. When it’s dark, you are operating purely by touch, and that can limit how well you read each other’s sexual signals. When the lights are on, you can tell when she likes a certain way you’ve touched her, and you can make a mental note to do it again. You’re partner’s feeling bashful? Start with dim lighting or candlelight and work up to it. This will give you enough details to arouse you, but not so many that she feels self-conscious.

Make it hotter by adding a tantalizing twist

Ready to make her temperature soar? Raise her legs and drape them over your shoulders so her knees or calves are on either side of your head (don’t worry, it’s not as hard as it sounds). Thrusting is effortless in this position — you can grab her ankles for extra leverage — so prepare for a wild ride! This lusty pose has more than ease of movement going for it. When she raises her legs, she pushes down on the pelvic floor muscles. This will make the vaginal canal feel smaller, which will increase stimulation for you. It will also make you feel bigger (and thus better) to her because she feels more pressure from your penis against her vaginal walls.

Make it hotter by moving the action to a desk or table

These pieces of furniture meet you at lower-hip height, which means you two can easily merge (you standing, she lying down). Best of all, these alternative sex sites offer a change of scenery — and that alone will get your hearts racing. Having sex somewhere other than where you usually do is instantly more exciting, since your unfamiliar surroundings trigger an adrenaline rush. It also says to your lover, ‘I want you so much, I couldn’t wait until we got to the bed,’ which is incredibly arousing. Adding to the thrill is the idea that you could be caught. Even if there’s no chance of anyone walking in, you’ll still feel that having sex out of bed is slightly naughty. It feels as if you’re breaking some unspoken rule — and that’s a total turn-on.

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

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