How to make missionary sex 10 times hotter



How to make missionary sex 10 times hotter

The Missionary Position has gained a bad reputation, especially in recent years, when we began to discover increasingly creative sex positions, meant to transform sex into a memorable experience.

Yet, this position called by many “boring” has a special charm that we cannot deny. It is intimate, sensual and brings you closer to your partner, without requiring any special effort. Its simplicity intrigues me, and the fact that many women reach orgasm in this position encourages me to explore this territory even more.

It is true that missionary sex can become terribly boring and can even destroy intimacy if your entire sexual experience gravitates around it, but the good news is that there are plenty of fun ways to turn this classic position into a hot scenario that will bring a lot of pleasure for both of you.

If you’re bored with the missionary position, but it’s your partner’s preference for orgasm, let me help you make some sexy adjustments.

Try a penis ring

Penis rings that vibrate during penetration can be a really good trick to spice things up during missionary. She will feel the vibrations throughout her vagina, but also in the clitoris, which will make this position a lot more pleasurable for your lady. Plus, as you go deeper, you will experience more tension on the penis and you can reach her G-spot much easier, giving her unbearable waves of pleasure. You can also use the ring to stimulate her clitoris, which will bring her closer to orgasm. All in all, a penis ring will make this “boring” position unexpectedly hot.

Put a pillow under her but

It’s my favorite method of changing the angle and making the sensations more intense during penetration. A pillow under her but will lift her pelvis and allow deeper penetration – and also a hotter view for you. She will still be comfortable, so you have nothing to worry about.

Ask her about “her hot angles”

You may not think about this at all, but angles can change everything. Every woman has two or three angles in particular that really work more so than others. Finding out what those are for your woman will practically guarantee her orgasm.

Make her feel powerful

It’s true that you have total control, but it’s also true that you can give her part of it – which will make things a lot hotter. Give her some power by wrapping her legs around your body. She will be able to decide how fast you go and how deeper. And, if you tease her by resisting to her trying to pull you in, you’ll get a real workout and she’ll be turned on by the view. Take both of her arms and raise them above her head. Hold onto them with one hand and use your other hand to stimulate her clitoris. It’s one sexy way to give her the power and then taking it away when she least expects it.

Try it with one leg up

While in the missionary position, just push one of her legs toward her head, then penetrate her really deep. This will fell amazing for you, but also for her – first of all, because it’s just such a hot position and second of all… you will reach her G-spot and increase sensation down there.

Don’t forget about lube

It’s good to have it on hand because there are days when she simply won’t be wet enough. This will not only ruin her chance to orgasm but also cause more pain than pleasure. Good lubrication will increase her sensations and make sex fun again – missionary or not.

Make it rough

Sure, missionary sex is perceived and sweet and sensual, but wouldn’t it be fun to make into something… not so innocent? A lot of the couples I work with have learned to incorporate some light chocking to make it rougher and intensify the experience. You can also pull her hair or lift her butt and squeeze it as you please. Trust me, she’s a lot more into rough(er) sex than you know. Still, make sure to ask her permission before you make a dramatic change in your repertoire.

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S.: Baby, missionary sex can still be hot, especially if it’s your woman’s preferred position for orgasm. Just surprise her with these new hot adjustments and you’ll give her something sweet to think about during lunch break. If you want to learn even more advanced techniques on how to make her orgasms more intense, just check out my sexy program – Reverse Cowgirl Domination!

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