Recipes for sex-cess



Recipes for sex-cess

“There is more to sex appeal than just measurements. I don’t need a bedroom to prove my womanliness. I can convey just as much sex appeal picking apples off a tree or standing in the rain.” – Audrey Hepburn

Become a sex god with these risqué recipes. Remember, always garnish with a condom, chef’s orders.

‘Roll’ Play

Feeling hot? Better call out a nurse to help you fix that…


Step 1: Invite your partner over to your place, or if you live together wait for her to arrive home. When she gets there, answer the door wearing only boxers and an unbuttoned shirt.

Step 2: Greet her by another name, like “Nurse Rose”. Tell her that you’re grateful that she’s come, and throw in something like, “My girlfriend is good with her hands, but she’s out of town…” She’ll soon catch on!

Step 3: Lead her to the bathroom which has already been prepared and is full of steam. When she looks inside, explain, “Oh, so that’s why I’ve been feeling so hot tonight.”

Step 4: When she turns around to feel the warm water in the tub, get your shirt off and lean against her, placing one hand under her skirt. Say something like, “I’ve heard you can only cure hotness with even greater one. What do you think?”

Step 5: Undress her and enjoy the steam!

Sensory smoothie

Playful moves to heighten her senses and tickle her goodies? Yes, please!


Step 1: Get your partner to undress and lie down, then blindfold her with a silk scarf. Since she can’t see a thing, you’ll be able to capitalize on her heightened sense of touch.

Step 2: Begin by tantalizing her hot spots, alternating between using textured fabrics and a hairbrush. Slowly graze her nipples with lace, tickle her butt with satin and run the brush over her back, calves and thighs. Her body is your playground to explore, but her vaginal area is off-limits. You want to make her wait until she can no longer control herself.

Step 3: After lots of stroking, give one of her nipples a surprise with a block of ice (you can warm it up again by using your mouth). Now go back to teasing her with just the hairbrush, stroking her inner thighs.

Step 4: Finally, when you think she can’t stand it any longer, hop on top and have your way with her. It’s up to you whether or not she gets to keep her blindfold on.


Get naughty together with a tantalizing experience of S&M.


Step 1: First, decide who’s going to be the spanker and who’ll be the spankee. Once you’ve picked, the spankee puts on a blindfold. If you’re the “leader”, remember that the goal here is to titillate and tease, not to get back at her for that time she told you she thought your best friend is hot. It’s important you treat her how you would like to be treated – before you know it, you’ll both be enjoying the seductive “pain”.

Step 2: Choose a safe word – something you can say to end the game if one of you starts to feel uncomfortable. Good examples are neutral words that don’t come up in everyday conversation – think “popcorn”. Don’t pick a phrase like “stop” or “that’s enough”, because it’s quite possible in kinky games like these that someone will say something like “No, no, babe, you’re killing me,” when what they mean is “Yes, oh baby, yes!”

Step 3: If you’re spanking, bend her over your knee and tell her she’s been a “very bad girl”. Slap her butt – the cheek, where it will make a satisfying sound, but won’t hurt too much – with the flat of your hand. Once she gets used to that, mix things up with a few gentle slaps with the hairbrush. Then, just when she’s expecting a wallop, tickle or stroke her with a feather duster.

Choc-mint tryst

Give her this oh-so sexy dessert to lick and she’ll be begging you for seconds


Step 1: Heat up the chocolate in the bowl. Chocolate is a great sexy food because it boosts the release of endorphins (chemicals responsible for happiness). Coincidentally, when you orgasm the brain releases a nice rush of endorphins too, so you might as well get a head start.

Step 2: Take turns playing Picasso, painting each other where you’d most like to be licked. Splash that topping wherever you like (but don’t let it get inside her vagina – it could lead to a very uneasy case of thrush).

Step 3: Proceed to lick each other’s artwork, but prolong your pleasure and leave the genital areas for last.

Step 4: When you finally do give her that choc-job, slip a bit of mint into your mouth. It will help add a little zing to the oral experience.

Step 5: Whip out a wet wipe and slide it up and down her vaginal area, giving it a gentle twist as you go in order to stimulate a fingering session. Be sure she’s choc-free before you enter her, as you don’t want any topping around your penis either.

Have a delicious week,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. Make sure you gear up for this kind of ride in the sexpress lane – you don’t want to stop mid-action to start looking for the right props. For more interesting tips on how to turn your partner on like never before, check out my video program on the matter – Dripping Wet Secrets.

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