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How To Be The Sex God Your Woman Secretly Wants, Needs and Craves In The Bedroom: Part 2


How To Be The Sex God Your Woman Secretly Wants, Needs and Craves In The Bedroom: Part 2

Here’s A Mind-Blowingly Powerful Sexual Technique That You Can Use To Blow Your Woman’s Mind In The Bedroom – Yet 95% Of Men NEVER Use It…

NOTE: If you missed part 1 of this series – click here to read it now

IMPORTANT: For women, sex is a very mental experience…

And that, my friend, is something most guys just never realize.

The fact that sex is a very mental experience for women means that you need to stimulate your woman’s MIND and not just her BODY during sex.

And this is where 95% of men go wrong…

They think that satisfying their women is only about what they do to her body and they miss out on her most important sexual organ…

The one between her ears!

So when you start to stimulate your woman’s MIND during sex, guess what happens?

That’s right…

You INSTANTLY start giving her more pleasure and you find it a million times easier to make her cum…

And of course…

You also stand out from all the other guys!

The question is:

“How do you stimulate your woman’s mind during sex?”

Dirty Talk – An Extremely Powerful Sexual Technique That Most Men Never Use…

The way to stimulate your woman’s MIND in the bedroom is with DIRTY TALK. There is no other way.

Yet the crazy thing is…

Most guys don’t do it because:

–    They’re afraid to try it

–    They tried it once and made their women laugh

–    They simply don’t realize that women want their men to talk dirty in bed

But here’s the deal…

It’s pretty much impossible to totally SATISFY your woman in bed if you don’t talk dirty because without dirty talk – you won’t give her that all-important ‘mental stimulation.’

When you start talking dirty, here’s what you’ll find:

–    It’s easier to get her hot, wet, horny and ready for sex

–    Making her orgasm takes much less time and happens a lot more frequently

–    Getting her to do what you want in the bedroom becomes easy

3 Tips For Outstanding Dirty Talk…

To get you started, here are 3 tips for outstanding dirty talk that drives your woman crazy:

–    Deliver your dirty talk in a deep, clear, commanding voice because this way your woman will take what you say seriously

–    Keep your dirty talk very SIMPLE because complex dirty talk breaks your woman’s state and does more harm than good

–    The more sexually excited she is – the more HARDCORE you can make your dirty talk. For instance, during foreplay you may say: “Your kisses taste so good baby.” But when you’re doing her hard from behind and she’s about to orgasm, you may say: “You love it when I fuck your tight little pussy don’t you baby?”

A true SEX GOD stimulates his woman’s MIND – and not just her PUSSY – in the bedroom. And the way a true Sex God stimulates her woman’s mind is with expert dirty talk.

In Adams FREE pdf report “How To Be A Sex God In 5 Simple Steps” you’ll discover exactly how to talk dirty to your woman in a very simple, easy and completely natural way.

You’ll also get a collection of the greatest dirty talk phrases of all time… all you have to do is say them to your woman the next time you’re having sex and you’ll give her a much higher level of pleasure. Click here to download “How To Be A Sex God In 5 Simple Steps”





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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Lua

    October 16, 2014 at 7:13 pm

    The first sex toy that I owned wasn’t even a sex toy , instead it was a hand held masegasr from the local dollar store that I purchased when I was 15 and extremely curious. After using it to learn about my body, what I liked & disliked, what orgasms felt like and the different ones I could have, not to mention the feeling of liberation and power that little gem gave me I have to now admit, it was probably the best $1 I’ve ever spent! I’m sure the Pocket Rockets being given away for Sex Toy Day will help tonnes of people have experiences that shape their view of sexuality and self exploration in a very positive light!

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