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How well do you read a woman’s signals?

Female Orgasm

How well do you read a woman’s signals?

“Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.” – Robert A. Heinlein

Take this test and find out!

  1. The woman you’ve been dating for a month asks you to her parent’s house for her family-reunion weekend. You’re thinking:

a)    Oh my God, she’s probably already planning the wedding! I got to check her computer for wedding-themed Pinterest boards.

b)    She’s moving too fast. Does she rush into things with every man she dates?

c)    I’m excited to see her old bedroom and teenage sneaker collection.

  1. You’re out to dinner with the boys and the hot waitress who’s been flirting with you all night writes her number on your check. You:

a)    Assume she’s into you. Nice! You just might call.

b)    Figure she’s just looking for a big tip.

c)    Drum your fingers at the bar until she finishes her shift. Why waste time?

  1. The cute new girl at the office asks you out for a post-work cocktail. You:

a)    Plan an elaborate outfit and rehearse your stack of compliments. It’s a date!

b)    Assume she wants to get inside your… head and talk business.

c)    Think there’s a spark… but you’re not going to make assumptions. You’ll go with an open attitude.

  1. You’ve just been on the best first date ever. You’re making out in the street, and you ask her to spend the night but she refuses. You:

a)    Assume she sees you as only interested in getting some action. Ugh, just another woman who sees men as players!

b)    Dig the awesome chemistry and you take her word for it. You’ll call and set another date.

c)    Think it’s her loss for being a prude. You definitely don’t want another date.

  1. The woman you really like only calls you twice a week around 11 p.m. to ask if you want to sleep over. You think:

a)    The time you spend together is so fun, she’s bound to want to see you in daylight soon.

b)    It’s pretty obvious you’re her booty call.

c)    Next step, fancy dinner with your parents. You’re dying for them to meet her!


  1. a) – 2

b) – 0

c) – 1


  1. a) – 1

b) – 0

c) – 2


  1. a) – 2

b) – 0

c) -1


  1. a) – 0

b) – 1

c) – 2


  1. a) – 0

b) – 1

c) – 2

0 to 3 points

Boy, take off your blinders!

If you’re calling your once-a-week, late-night hookup your girlfriend, you’re probably ignoring her signals. If you don’t spend any time together outside the bedroom – and not for lack of your trying – she’s not looking for more. On the flip side, don’t be clueless and repel your crush without knowing it. See someone cute? Smile in her direction. It gives you something to go on. A little encouragement goes a long way.

4 to 7 points

Congrats, you’re a woman whisperer

Not only can you tell when your new woman is totally smitten, you know just the right time to start and end the perfect date so that you keep her (and yourself as well) on her toes. Your confidence and stellar ability to read women’s signals put you in the perfect position to connect with eligible women that come your way. You can tell she’s interested – the next step? Mirror her body language and ramp up the eye contact to strengthen your bond. Let the flirting begin!

8 to 10 points

You’re a classic over-reader

Slow down, boy! You’re reading way too much into women’s cues. When that hot waitress leaves you her number, she’s hoping you’ll call, not hover at the bar for three hours. Don’t risk sabotaging a great connection by jumping the gun. If your radar is a little wonky, it helps to zoom out. Imagine your best mate in your situation. How would you tell him to respond? Playing it a little cool helps build momentum in a relationship.

Have an awesome week,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. Make sure you answer this questions in complete honesty. Don’t answer thinking how you’d like to behave, but rather how you actually do, when in similar situations.

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