Single? You’ll love these numbers!

Single? You’ll love these numbers!

“If you’re single, focus on being a better you instead of looking for someone better than your ex. A better you will attract a better next.” – Anonymous

In these days, information is key. The more you know about the opposite sex (and your own, for that matter), the more chances you’ll have at getting what you want from your love life: a relationship. Finding the one is easier if you have a handle on certain digits like these.

  • 2. The number of times you should say her name in a convo to show you’re interested. Experts reckon repeating someone’s name makes them feel connected to you – but doing it more than twice is too intense.
  • 92 per cent of single girls think dinner is the perfect setting for a first or a second date, so book a night at a fancy restaurant if you really want to show her that you want something more.
  • 97. The average number of days it takes guys to say ‘I love you’, according to a study led by The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. It takes you guys a while, that’s for sure, but it’s better to wait until you’re absolutely sure you’ve found the right person.
  • 30. The number of centimeters experts say you should sit from her on a first date to show you’re completely smitten – it’s called the intimate gap.
  • 78 per cent of women check you out online before a date, so make sure your profile is ‘clean’. No profile picture with your ex’s hand around your neck or nasty commentaries to other’s girl’s pictures.
  • 5. The number of times within 15 minutes you should casually touch a woman you like. Women aren’t always as fluent in subtlety as one might think, so several pats on the arm and hands on the knee are necessary if you want to send the proper ‘I’m interested!’ signals.
  • 22. The average number of women you’ll kiss before you meet Mrs. Right, according to a survey created by the dating site
  • 50. The minimum amount of dollars most men spend on each date in the first few weeks of a relationship. From time to time, even though you don’t have to impress her like when you first started going out, a nice gesture will do the trick and rekindle your romance.
  • 6. The average number of disastrous dates you’ll go in your lifetime. Wrong person, wrong time, wrong place. It happens to the best of us.
  • 7.3. The number of seconds you’ll spend with your eyes glued to a woman’s mouth if she’s wearing red lipstick (compared to just 2.2 seconds when her lips are bare), says a Manchester study.
  • 21-34. The age range when most women want to have kids. I know, a whole lot of years, but bear with us, our biological clock is not something we can control.
  • 20. The number of minutes it takes a woman to decide if she wants to see you again, according to a survey by the dating site
  • 8. The number of times you should go out with her before introducing her to your friends. Experts say it’s crucial to solidify how you feel about someone before bringing it a bunch of outside opinions.

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