Analingus – Only Adventurous Lovers Need Apply

Analingus – Only Adventurous Lovers Need Apply

“The man’s tongue slips further south than he intended, and both lovers realize they’ve crossed a line.” – Michael Castleman, M.A.

It’s a bit taboo. It’s kind of naughty. It’s not the type of sex you talk about at length with your guy friends… yet… yet, you’re dying to try it. Analingus is the term for oral sex performed on the butthole. Some people might cringe at the thought while others get excited at the mere mention of it. Although anything sexual related to the butt might be off limits to some, research shows that 36% of American women and 44% of American men have engaged in anal sex. That’s a huge number of people who are already exploring the pleasures of anal play. Are you up for it? Here’s your guide to this forbidden pleasure…

Keeping it Clean

  • Most people’s concerns about anything involving the butt have to do with cleanliness. It makes sense. The main function of the anus is something that is much less than appealing to most, but don’t worry, we’re going to take care of that. The first step in this process is a sexy bath or shower. You can treat this part of the process as foreplay. Light some candles in the bathroom and wash your partner from head to toe, making sure to get the designated area nice and clean. Being bathed is very erotic, so it serves to both prepare you for analigus and to get you both in the mood.
  • Use a dental dam. For those that don’t know, a dental dam is a thin sheet of latex used for protection during oral sex on a woman. The latex goes over the area you want to stimulate. An unlubricated condom cut into a flat piece of latex will also do the job.
  • Don’t go back and forth between the butt and the vagina without sanitizing first. If you use your finger or a sex toy in her butt, then you can’t use it again in her vagina because you could give her an infection. Keep separate toys or wash them before using them again in her vagina.

Analingus Tips and Tricks

  • Breathe – This area is super sensitive, so start by blowing hot air onto the area or breathing heavily.
  • Kissing – The anus isn’t the only part of the butt that is sensitive to touch. The whole area is an erogenous zone. You can start by licking, sucking, and kissing the lower back and tailbone. Make your way down the butt crack while kneading the butt cheeks with your hands. Kiss, lick and suck on the butthole and perineum (the area between the anus and the vaginal opening). You can also give some loving attention to her inner thighs.
  • Lick & Suck – Flex your tongue so it’s hard and pointy and trace the area of the anus with the tip. Poke and prod the area with the tip. You can even penetrate her with your tongue if you want. Then relax your tongue so it becomes soft and wide. Lap at the area, rub and push against it with your tongue. Suck on the area with your lips puckered and moist.
  • Fingers – Use some lube and get your hands involved. Caress and massage her butt cheeks. Gently pull them apart and touch the anus with your fingers. Penetrate her with one finger gently and slowly, only entering a little bit. The most sensitive nerve endings are at the entrance and the surrounding areas. While you’re using your mouth on her butt you can reach your (clean) hands around to play with her clit or finger her vagina.
  • Sex Toys – You can use a vibrator to provide sensation on the anus. You can also use a dildo or vibrator to penetrate her either in her vagina while you lick her butt, or alternate between analingus and penetrating her ass with the sex toy.
  • Positions – Try this with your partner face down, but with her butt propped up in the air with a few pillows. A traditional doggy style position is also useful and gives a sexy view for you. She could also sit on your face or you could do a 69 position and double your fun!

Why is this naughty pleasure so amazing? Well, apart from its taboo nature, which is a turn on for many, the anus and the surrounding area is full of super sensitive nerve endings that make oral sex mind blowing. So the next time you’re going down on your girl, why not head south of the border and see what happens?

Have fun, you naughty thing!
Gabrielle Moore

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