Advanced Anal Sex Prep: Enemas for Everyone!

Advanced Anal Sex Prep: Enemas for Everyone!

Most people who have ever experienced an enema have done so at the request of a medical professional, which definitely takes any fun out of the experience.

Some people enjoy enemas and others use them simply for “housecleaning” but they are gaining in popularity as anal sex becomes more common in the average relationship. The title may be a bit misleading – enemas aren’t really for everyone, but they are a safe and potentially even a sensual way to help make your body (or your lover’s) clean and prepped for enjoying anal sex.

Enemas should not be taken often, so if you are anal fiends and enjoy it on a very regular basis, you should probably just suck it up and get used to a bit of mess. Whether or not to take an enema is ultimately a persona decision, so don’t pressure your partner to try it if she is uncomfortable with the idea. As always, being willing to try something yourself may help make her more comfortable with the process, so don’t shy away. Getting clean may entice her to enjoy some “reverse anal play” too!

If the idea of an enema still intrigues you, and you would like to see what all the fuss is about, read on.

The What and the Where

The easiest and most popular form of enema can be bought at your local pharmacy or big box store. Most hot water bottles come with the hose and nozzle attachment designed specifically for this purpose, so no one has to know why you’re buying the product. Very inconspicuous!

Many sex toys and other specialty shops sell “anal douche” and other special enema products. These are not necessary. Do not buy special scented anal douching products, or try to add salt or any other additives to your enema water. Whatever is put into your body this way can be absorbed very quickly, so plain lukewarm water is always best.

How and Why

While the “why” of enemas may seem obvious – perceived cleanliness being the biggest factor – some people eroticize the process as well. If you have ever considered a little kinky doctor or nurse play, you could actually make the enema process part of your sexual exploration. Of course, if you are using an enema solely for the purpose of avoiding the unpleasantness of waste, you probably won’t find the process very sexy at all.

Enemas should not be performed immediately before anal sex, because the process can occasionally irritate the anal cavity and strip it of its protective lining. If you are “regular” then you can perform an enema shortly after your daily bowel movement, then wait 3-4 hours (ideally without eating anything that might cause you digestive distress) before engaging in any kind of anal sex play.

Receiving an enema is easy, and it can be done alone if necessary. Water temperature is of the utmost importance, so test it with your elbow like you would a child’s bath. It should be about body temperature – warm, but not too warm – and you can fill the bag to a reasonable level. Be sure the on/off valve is in place on the hose, because it may take some time for the water to settle during the process. You may have to stop and start again once or twice before being full. If you experience any cramping, stop the flow at once and wait. If the cramping doesn’t go away within a minute or so, remove the nozzle and expel the liquid at once.

The Dirty Details

The process is simple. Lubricate the nozzle for easy insertion and fill the bag with lukewarm water and let a bit drain out before closing the valve, which should be very close to the nozzle to prevent air bubbles from entering your system. After inserting the nozzle gently, open the valve on the hose and lift the bag up just above waist level. The higher the bag, the faster the flow, so be sure to keep the bag close to your waist to prevent the water from entering too fast.

You may find it most comfortable to lie on your stomach during this process – if so, you may need someone else to hold the bag, again not too high. You should try to remain in the bathroom and close to the toilet, so a pile of towels or pillows on the floor may help to make you more comfortable. When the water is fully drained, or you feel as full as is comfortable, remove the nozzle carefully and simply wait for a few minutes… or as long as you can stand without discomfort. When you are ready, head to the toilet and rinse!

Afterwards, enjoy a quick rinse in the shower, and then spend a few hours relaxing and getting ready for your anal adventure!

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

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