15 Anal Sex Tips From Real Women

15 Anal Sex Tips From Real Women

Anal is sex is one of those things, everyone says that most women either love it or they hate it, but is that really true? Men who love anal sex want to believe that any woman can be convinced that they love anal sex as long as it’s done in the right way. What do you think? Have you tried it with your partner? Could she be convinced? If your partner still needs convincing or you just want to make sure that her first anal experience is amazing, you need to hear these 15 anal sex tips from real women who have had it and loved it!

1. Lots of foreplay, please! – “Lots of foreplay is a must for me when it comes to anal sex. I like to have an orgasm before he even tries to put it inside me. That way I’m already wet and my juices mix with the lube to create a lot of slippery fun.”

2. Help me relax – “The first time I ever had anal sex I was so nervous that I tensed up and it really hurt. My boyfriend took things really slowly and helped me relax and stay relaxed. Now even though I’ve had anal sex before, I still need to work on being relaxed since I sometimes worry about it hurting. My man is so understanding about that and always takes his time.”

3. Don’t get grossed out – “Hey buddy, YOU are the one who wanted to have anal, so don’t be surprised when things might get a little dirty and messy. It goes with the territory. I hate it when men are all about anal but expect it to be hospital sterile!”

4. Touch me down there first – “I like it when a guy starts by massaging my butthole with lube and inserting a finger. If he licks me down there while playing with my clit, it’s even better. It gets me ready for the big event.”

5. Good lube isn’t a suggestion, it’s essential – “Don’t be cheap or unprepared when it comes to lube. Don’t use hand lotion or spit or vaginal juices, you need LUBE. Really good lube that stays wet and slippery for a long time. Try a few out first before using it with anal.”

6. Another thing about lube – “Use tons of lube. The butt doesn’t get wet like the vagina does and you’re going to need some help getting inside without hurting her. Put lube on her butt and finger her with it to lube her up inside. Then put it all over your penis. Keep it on hand and use more when needed.”

7. Use a condom – “Using condoms is important, not only for safe sex reasons, but also because I personally don’t like having a bum full of cum (as much as you might like how that sounds!)”

8. You can’t double dip – “I can’t believe how many guys don’t know that you can’t go from butt to vagina. If you’re having sex or fingering or using a sex toy, you can’t take something that has been in her ass and then put it in her vagina! That’s how women can get an infection and you better believe she won’t be up for more anal after that. It’s a terrible rookie’s mistake.”

9. Let me be in control – “I don’t care how much you like to be in control in the bedroom, if you want me to feel comfortable having anal with you, I want to be the one in control, so I can relax and know that I’m in charge.”

10. Multitasking wins extra points – “During anal I need my husband to reach around and play with my clit. I cum within minutes when he does this. I love it!”

11. Double penetration – “It can be tricky to pull off, but if your partner is skilled enough I love having my partner penetrate my vagina with a finger or sex toy while we’re having anal. It’s a crazy mix of sensations.”

12. Take a nice deep breath – “Have your girlfriend/wife take some deep, relaxing breaths before you enter her and throughout if she’s feeling nervous or tense. This will help her relax and open up.”

13. Try different positions – “Not every woman is the same so be open to trying new positions even if one has worked well for an ex. If it’s hurting or uncomfortable, try something else.”

14. Go SO, SO, slow – “Guys, this isn’t a race and I know it feels amazing even if you go painfully slow, so please, GO PAINFULLY SLOW. Get the head in and give her a moment to get adjusted before slowly thrusting in and out ever so slightly. She’ll let you know when she’s ready for you to pick up the pace.”

15. Keep the lines of communication open – “If you’re not comfortable talking about sex, anal probably isn’t for you. You need to be able to ask her if she’s ok, if you need to do something differently or to even talk her through what you’re doing. If you’re too embarrassed, it’s not going to work!”

Gabrielle Moore

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