Use Toys to Take it to the Next Level!



Use Toys to Take it to the Next Level!

Sex toys can add an exciting, new element to your intimate relationship with your partner, but many couples don’t even know where to begin when thinking about how to start using them. Where does one begin? How do I bring it up to a partner? What should I buy and where from? The following article will give you all the how tos you need to know in order to put some fire into your relationship using sex toys.

How do I bring up sex toys with my partner without offending her?

Tell your partner the truth, the worst thing she can do is say no. Tell her that you were reading an article that talked about how sex toys can enhance your intimate relationship and ask her what she thinks about trying it out. If she’s against it, then drop it and you can always find another way to spice things up. Besides after you’ve initially mentioned it she might warm up to the idea after she’s had some time to think about it.

Where to begin…

If you’re completely unfamiliar with sex toys, you might want to do some research before talking to your partner about it, that way you will know something on the subject before bringing it up. Once your partner is on board, I suggest shopping for toys together. Even the search can be a big turn on for a lot of couples. Most websites have a section for toys for couples, which is a great place to begin your search. By looking for a toy together you’ll be sure to get something that she will like, whereas if you search alone, you might be way off on what she likes. Include her in the process so that it’s a couples activity from the beginning.

What and How To:

I suggest getting a toy that is especially made for couples play. Here are a few ideas and how to incorporate them.

Vibrator with remote control – Many little vibrators come with a separate remote control that can discreetly control the device from varying distances. There are several ways to enjoy this with your partner. During sex she can hold the vibrator to the area she wants to stimulate and you can control the vibration. Some will have different kinds of vibrations (constant, pulsating, etc.) and different intensities. You can take complete control or you can ask her to give you feedback to learn what she likes. For added fun get a waterproof vibrator to be able to use in the shower or wherever you like to have your water sex!
These remote controls can also work from long distances within the same area. A fun way to be naughty while no one will be the wiser is to have her put the vibrator in her panties while you discreetly control it from across the dining room table, the room, or even from another location. More high tech versions allow you to control the vibration with your cell phone! Just think of the fun you could have while you’re both at work or out with other friends. The foreplay possibilities are amazing with this toy!
Don’t forget that vibrators can also be used on men. Try placing in on your perineum to see what the sensation feels like. Explore around to find out the best sensations for you.

Vibrating cock ring – For those of you who have never heard of or used a cock ring, it helps a guys to last longer, get harder, and intensifies his sensation. Have you ever squeezed your penis at the base to get these results? Well, the function of the cock ring is to do just that, but hands-free. There are toys out there that also have a part attached that vibrates. This has two functions. First, it vibrates to stimulate her clitoris when she’s riding you. Second, the vibrations also will feel great for you. This is awesome hands free pleasure. Just slip the ring on and get to lovin’.

Cock sleeve – For something new and different try a stretchy cock sleeve. This device slides over your penis and has little modules to stimulate her when you’re inside her. Get one that is reversible and can also be used as a masturbator for you on those lonely nights that your partner is away.

Sex toys can add a fun element to your sex life. Have fun playing, guys!

Gabrielle Moore

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